slow burn

calum has a new diaper rash. this one just below his belly button. it was just a regular minor diaper rash and then i washed it with some lavender soap (and his neck, which was a little crusty, because he is FAT!) (hurrah!). and it made it worse. and then i used the fancy butt paste from the pediatrician. and it made it worse. and then i used the hippie stuff that’s supposed to be for sensitive skin and it made it MUCH worse. we’ve been leaving him super bum out for the past few days — and now literally every surface in our house has been marked by either a 3 month old, a 3 year old, or a cat. awesome. and we also have no clean towels at this point either — and that’s helping. and i’ve been putting olive oil mixed with a few drops of water for the times he has a diaper on (like today at the zoo, and over night). i ordered some coconut oil and some lanolin for him today, both of which have been recommended for we babes with very sensitive skin. i’m hoping at least one of them works. poor little guy. and if the coconut oil doesn’t, i have a very tasty cookie recipe i can make with it. mmm.


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