3 months

dear calum,

3 months! OMG! where did the time go?? so long, 4th trimester that never was. you’re full on real time baby now, little sir! i even put away the 0-3 mo clothes bin this morning, seeing as how you are too fat (whereas your brother had been too tall at this point) for those clothes these days. the crazy! if time went fast when gus was a wee wee lad, it surely is flying by now. as always, it’s bittersweet to see all the changes that are happening with you.

this month.. you suddenly started holding your head steady in the carseat. one day you were still all wobbly and then all of a sudden, not. you still use the little neck roll pillow, but your head control is rockin these days. that’s so cool, dude. just two days ago you rolled over for the first time! and boy do you hate it! hahaha. we can no longer leave you unattended on high surfaces. that is SO ANNOYING. it’s not just the rolling, either, as you’ve become something of a champion butt scooter as well. just yesterday you oozed yourself down your hippo playmat so that you could be directly under the hanging toys to seem them better. clever boy. but that means i can’t trust you anymore. more work for mama, boo! your belly button seems to have finally closed up. so crazy that it took this long. i don’t know if it’s related to your hernia (which protrudes less and less!) (which your papa and i are trying not to get too excited about, but maybe you will not end up having to have surgery to close it someday! we’ll just keep an eye on it and see what happens. but it only pokes out when you really thrust your belly out, and that tends to be only when you are hopping mad. so. who knows) or what, but it’s not to see that it no longer leaks a little bit of crusty stuff anymore. your right eye, on the other hand, still leaks a fair bit, particularly when you’re especially snotty or reflux-y. poor guy. it doesn’t bother you, though, and those DO usually take care of themselves by 6-12 months, so i’m not worried, merely commenting. you still wake up between 0500 and 0530 a lot. that is SO not cool.

you had your first cold this month. it’s hard to tell about colds in babies your smallness, since everything in you doesn’t work properly yet, so sometimes it seems like a cold but actually it’s just your system trying to figure itself out. but no, this was in fact your first cold, what with the loads and loads of snot we sucked out of your nose and the hoarse throat you got from it right when you decided it was time to start to coo. it’s no surprise, really, that you’ve gotten a cold this early, since your big brother is and has been a veritable snot factory for the past 7 months. oh it is getting so old. and gross. and since his hands are always all over you.. well.. think of how strong your immune system is getting! you were quite a trooper about it, though. your papa was the one who was most bothered, getting up in the middle of the night one night and angrily declaring he was going to go sleep on the couch because your snotty, rattlely nose was getting to him. i tell you, my friend, even with the baby comfy nose contraption, some of those nights i couldn’t seem to get all the snot out. you had loads and loads. so, so gross and amazing.

but you’ve started to coo with enthusiasm and you will occasionally giggle and guffaw. no outright laughs yet, but your smiles are so big and so frequently that we don’t feel like we’re missing out. gus was a smiley fellow but you just BEAM a lot. i honestly didn’t know babies could be so fun! you love to gaze into our faces and stick your tongue out and smile and smile. you like watching the fan, our twinkling fingers, and a rattle. none of which ever remotely interested your brother. the differences in your personalities is endlessly fascinating to me. from the moment i knew of you growing inside me, i knew you were different. but it’s amazing to see it manifesting on a daily basis. your papa and i are so excited watching the two of you grow into your own little selves!

you suck your thumb a lot. A LOT. as in, who is this baby who sucks his thumb all the time? like, to sleep. sometimes you’ll just lay on the couch while your brother and i play nearby, contentedly sucking on your hands, drifting in and out of sleepytime. i feel so guilty, just having you lie there, but you seem so happy that i let you. it’s just so different than gus, who would have demanded to be held after mere minutes of awake and alone time. everything with you is so new. some days i feel like i am starting all over again. in a good way.

i’m still learning that while you like to nurse to sleep for bedtime (around 7, rarely a little bit before then and occasionally as late as 7:30), you don’t necessarily like to do so for nap. although gus would occasionally conk out while your papa held him in the crook of his arm, you frequently do. and sometimes after you are finished nursing and are cranking around it takes me a few minutes to figure out that you mean NO MORE BOOBS THANKS TIME FOR A NAP SHEESH LADY! i will go on and on about this for months to come, i am sure, but i dont’ think you can understand how bizarre this is — your brother nursed to sleep for 33 MONTHS. like, a REALLY, REALLY LONG. TIME.

you have a fairly reliable nap schedule, although so far you are pretty good about when and how you sleep. you’re still just as happy to sleep in the wrap on my chest as you are in mine or your papa’s arms or on the couch or the bed. but you’re not as easily transferable these days, and a lot of times when i pass you to papa at night so i can go to bed for a little bit without you or even just to pee (for crying out loud!), you wake and demand nursings. and i can put you down for naps and for bedtime, but i have to be more careful than i used to be. still, so far we can still go out and about pretty easily and you will still nap, and that is very nice.

your awake times are more predictable and longer too. you have preferences about how you spend your time, just like your brother did, but you are much more particular. gus pretty much wanted one thing, to be held, facing out, while the holder walked or swayed. and that was about it. have to pee? use one hand. have to eat? drink? write? cook? you name it — do what you like just don’t put me down. you, on the other hand, enjoy being held very much, in much the same way, BUT only when you are in the mood. otherwise sometimes you’d really just prefer not to be held at all place. oh and also could you put me on the hippo? or perhaps the bouncy chair? or perhaps one first and then the other? more craziness that you actually ASK to be put down and left on your own for a bit. endlessly fascinating, i tell you.

you are wearing a silly hippie necklace these days. it’s hard to see, what with your enormously fat neck and all, but it DOES fit (i was originally worried that it would not!). i was thinking about getting you a baltic amber teething necklace, figuring, what the heck, if it worked, great, and if not, at least it would be cute, right? so many folks swear by them. but before i got around to ordering one, i was asking for advice on some natural ways to relieve some reflux (like your brother, a million things give you TERRIBLE gas. unlike your brother, they also give you quite a bit of reflux — well, compared to gus. nothing so serious that you would need zantac or any other over the counter remedy, but serious enough that it would make you wake up rather uncomfortable many mornings, poor baby baby), and someone mentioned the hazelwood necklaces. like the amber, hazelwood is purported to relieve teething discomfort. but it is also supposed to help with reflux. so i thought what the heck, two birds, one necklace, why not? it’s very cute. you’ve also had considerably less reflux, spitting up, and throwing up since you started wearing the necklace, but i’ve also since completely cut out onions from my diet, and things had been steadily improving as you are getting older as well, so i’m not about to shouting hazelwood’s praises from the mountain tops just yet. but like i said, the necklace IS pretty cute, so we’ll keep it.

and finally, you drank from the bottle for the first time just last week! which.. would be more exciting if your papa and i hadn’t forgotten that the milk we had frozen for you was from when i was eating, well, all the things that make your tummy and guts miserable. so, oops, you threw up three times in three days and were gassy and miserable (the black bean tacos i had tested your guts with the day before — double whammy! ugh, so sorry sweet boy! — didn’t help with that either) until everything was out of our systems. even so, you took the bottle again today when i ran out on an errand, so apparently there are no hard feelings there, anyway. whew. although i don’t plan to give you the bottle much at all, it’s nice to know that i can in a pinch. although i’ll have to plan a little more ahead than i did today — i barely got an ounce this afternoon! not enough to hold you over for very long at all!

oh sweet no-longer-newborn, welcome to infanthood! what fun there is ahead for you! what fun there is now! thank you for bringing your sweet little smile into our lives. we look forward to many, many more of them.




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