4 months

dear calum,

i love you. you’re so beautiful and soft and sweet. i could look into your eyes for days and days. you’re such a lover. already the way you catch our eyes and smile at us is so much more romantic than gus was. he was always so busy busy busy. yes of course i love you, his smiles would say, but let’s please get up and going already, all right? you are much more of a lazy lover. i’m so wooed by you that some days i can’t even stand it. it’s delicious.

you’re growing so big! so fast! you started rolling over from back to tummy earlier this month and then just a few days ago you started to go tummy to back again. you used to get mad, of course, when you found yourself face down so often after a successful roll, but now you’ve learned to tripod your little head and neck up with the support of your elbows and you like to take a good look at the world this way. other times you twist and shift yourself until you can manage to get your fist (or thumb. or fingers!) into your mouth for a snooze. just today you got your bottom up on you knees for a few moments.  for someone who is quite content to sit on the floor mat or in the bouncy chair investigating a rattle or your fingers or the ceiling fan — something your very busy brother never had time to do — you are an awfully capable physical little guy. your brother never got up on his arms and legs (separately) the way you do at this age — only a few weeks before he began to crawl. don’t get any funny ideas. but it’s pretty impressive, so see you get a work out that way.

your learning to hold your head up quite well. it’s so cool. your still lagging a bit when i pull you up to the sitting position, but you catch up once you’re all the way up. and you can sit quite well propped up on the couch. you mostly seem to slide down or over only once you’ve decided there’s somewhere else you’d rather be.

you like checking out rattles. you like the bears on your chair (although sometimes they make you quite angry. stupid bears! why don’t you spin for me!). you love the ceiling fan. you adore your big brother (and he adores you). you wriggle and fuss if you want papa to look and talk with you and he’s looking away instead. you love making eye contact with anyone who will take the time to “chat”.

you’ve finally started vocalizing. poor guy — it took me awhile to realize that onions were giving you some reflux, so when you started to try to coo about two months ago, it only ever came out as sad little hoarse whispers. your poor little throat was too raw. but now it’s much better and you are thrilled with all the silly sounds you can make. so thrilled that you were up before 5 a.m. the other morning, practicing. i was less thrilled, let me tell you. but i love all your new little sounds during the daytime. and recently you’ve started making some strange sort of grunting sound that no one else in the house can reproduce but that you think is hilarious. it’s so fun watching you learn! you even make some great giggles and guffaws, if we can manage to be amusing enough. no laughs, yet though. we’re still polishing up our routines, i promise we’ll knock your socks off soon!

we’re figuring out your skin situation — you’re just a tender little guy. right now you’re in disposables over night and then we change you pretty much as soon as you pee during the day. your skin looks pretty good, and we don’t use too many more diapers than normal. but i have to finger something out for night time soon, we’re going to be out of the disposables from our trip, and i don’t want to buy more. i have a few tricks up my sleeve, yet, though. but even scented detergent is tough on your poor belly. sweet, sensitive baby.

in other baby news, for the first time ever, i’ve given one of my babies a pacifer! you hated the car on the way down to pennsylvania this year and one of the only things that seemed to help was sucking on my finger. so on the way home we tried a pacifer and it seemed to work a bit. we put it away when we got home and don’t intend to take it out ever again unless we need it for our trip to virginia in december, but i have to say it sure was nice for that 10 h trip home. whew. and it sure is nice we don’t have another big trip coming up any time soon either, pacifer or not! ha!

oh, baby, what a sweet baby you are! how fast these four months have flown by! many, many smooches on your beautiful fat belly, little one.

(as of 23 jul 10: 12 lbs 15 oz, 24 in)

love, always,

your mama


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