short and *skinny*?

i looked up gus’ length and weight deets for his 4 month appt: 14 lbs 7 oz and 25 3/4 inches. wait, what? granted, it was a full week after his 4 month mark, and cal’s appt was a few days before his. but. really?! i know cal is almost two inches shorter than gus was, but he’s over a pound lighter too?? that just seems like craziness to me.

gus, 4 mo:

cal, 4 mo:

ok, i guees he DOES look smaller. crazy!


5 thoughts on “short and *skinny*?

  1. god i am going to scream and die with cuteness. i am going to prod mike today about when we can come visit. i need to hold those babies!!!!

    • yes you DO need to come and hold these babies 🙂 especially the fat one! he is SO SWEET for cuddling!!!! (so is gus, when he lets you!)

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