good to be home

i went on an interview for some part time (somewhat freelance) work doing scriptwriting for this online journal this afternoon. basically scientists send in a protocol for some cool research method they think would be useful to be published in video format and then folks like me take their write up and make it more “voiceover friendly”. i got the job, i think, because they basically are offering very very little money for a whole lot of education and experience. but the joke is that i actually don’t want to work very much at all and so i don’t actually care how much they pay may as long as they don’t make me work too hard. the nice thing is that we don’t NEED the money, so i can take this job or leave it, depending on how much i like it and how much work i am actually able to do during the week to meet deadlines, etc. i know how incredibly lucky we are that i can make that kind of decision based on how i feel instead of what we need. it’s a luxury. and i really appreciate it.

in fact, the fact that i don’t really need this job (or this other one i got recently, where they’re going to pay me in canadian dollars) (no, seriously) and that i wasn’t sure if i even want(ed) it, meant that on the way to the interview, i was feeling incredibly anxious only because it was going to be THREE WHOLE HOURS that i was away from calum. two of those hours, which, i knew, he was going to be asleep. and it made me realize just HOW LUCKY i am. how much i appreciate that jeremy shoulders our family’s entire financial burden at the moment. how grateful i am to have this time at home with our babies. i don’t want to be away from calum that long again any time soon, and i DON’T HAVE TO BE. not many people get to say that. i just felt so relieved to know that i get to have his whole first year all to myself all day long. even if he IS just napping.


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