5 months

dear calum,

what a big fella you are these days! well, grownup fella, i mean. despite your adorable drippy cheeks and your beautiful squooshee thighs, you’re still just a teeny tiny little peanut. your big brother had been in 6 month outfits for many weeks by now, but you are still so short you *just* are barely long enough to fill in your 3-6 month old outfits. you’re so cute.

good news! your tear duct is all opened up! and more good news! i haven’t seen your hernia in weeks! almost of all your weird baby ailments have taken care of themselves hurrah! you still have miserable reflux, though, if i eat onions, garlic, beans, eggplant, cabbage, or cauliflower. the saddest part is how you get hoarse. poor baby. and how you wake up before 6 in the morning for two weeks to poop. OMG. i am not testing beans again for months. MONTHS i tell you.

but when you are not hoarse, you are such a happy little cooer. and you have learned how to coo, cry, grunt or yelp to get our attention if we’re not paying enough attention to you. or if your brother is playing speedy & mighty and you can’t get to the cars. or eat the track. or if i’m sitting you up so  you can see better but it’s not as close as lying on your tummy. or if your brother is playing with that stupid green dinosaur and you can’t reach it or one of the balls for it. you’re such a grownup! i can’t believe how much you want to play with big kid toys already! you love holding rattles — to shake and to eat (of course). you love your bears (and you get so angry at them when they don’t spin fast enough — which you didn’t know how to do at the beginning of the month and now you are a pro! and you love to play with them, but you hardly ever get to because i always have your diaper off. poor sensitive-bummed baby).

you’re learning how to situp. at the beginning of the month you could hold yourself up in a tripod (if you wanted to) (if you didn’t, you’d just lean all the way down and smash your face on the floor). now you can actually sit up alone for about a second. ok it’s barely sitting up, but it’s still really exciting. i can’t believe we are almost at the sitting up stage! how did this all happen so fast? and you’ve finally decided you are interested in standing. although not for very long. you’re the opposite of gus — he took forever to sit (he HATED tummy time, you LIVE on your tummy) but he stood practically from birth, the crazy kid.

you found your penis this month! of course. and finally your toes too. also you love to put everything in your mouth. are your teeth coming in little guy? we can’t find any bubbles, but your sure do like to chomp on us and on yourself a lot. you have your fingers in your mouth all the time — especially when you are sleepy or hungry. i can tell when you are ready to eat sometimes because you are so busy shoving your entire first in there. it’s so cute, you don’t cry for nursings, you just try to eat yourself. but you DO cry when it’s time for bed and we’re doing something evil like trying to snuggle you. you prefer to go to sleep IN BED these days. it’s so wild. you will occasionally fall asleep while nursing or while in my arms and when we are out and about you like to sleep in the wrap, but most of the time you really just want me to put you to bed. such the opposite of gus. again. sweet boy.

have i mentioned lately how you are my most favorite baby in the entire world? because you are. you are a so sweet, so snuggly, so smiley, so fun. your brother even said he is “getting used to you.” oh, baby, we sure do love you so very much. thanks for making these past five months (five months!) so absolutely delightful, my lovable baby boy.




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