the things we do for love

cal’s had diarrhea this week. green, watery poops with mucus. could be a virus. could be teething. could be something i ate. sigh. it’s also been 90 degrees. a perfect time to try NOT to be dehydrated, eh? but he’s quite the cheerful little fellow, nurses as much as ever, no reflux, no fever, etc, so whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem to be bothering him too terribly much at least. still, it makes me want to be even more careful than usual about what i eat. i hate thinking that something i had made him feel bad in some way.

gus has discovered ice water this summer and he LOVES it. he calls it “supercold water”, and while he will occasionally drink “just cold” water, he know gets really cranky about warm water. so cranky, in fact, that this past week when it’s been over 90 degrees every day he’s woken up every night in the middle of the night thirsty for a drink at about 1 in the morning. the first night when jeremy told him he only had warm water, gus was upset but went back to sleep. the second night, he had a tantrum for about an hour. that was awesome. so the next night, we set up a styrofoam cooler with ice and an ice pack with his pirate water bottle full of supercold water for him. sure enough, after awhile he woke up and HALLELUJAH! the water was cold enough. i know, i know, i cannot believe we put a cooler up beside the bed either. hahahahaha. ridiculous.

we went to the carousel at the frog pond today. gus LOVES carousels but we rarely let him ride them. there’s one at the zoo that he is always ogling, but i refuse to let him ride anything there that we have to pay for as we go there a lot and i don’t want t have to deal with the begging every time. but the one at the frog pond closes soon and we don’t go there all that often anyway. he was so excited to ride. i reminded him that i only brought enough money for one ride and he was a little disappointed but still so excited for the ride that he didn’t argue. we paid and he got to hold the ticket and could hardly wait for the ride before us to stop so he could get on. this carousel was mostly horses but there were a few other animals too — a frog, a cat, and a bunny. a whole group of kids got on before us and as we were walking up the ramp i asked gus what animal he wanted to ride and he shouted “THE FROG!” and then he raced to it — and another kid was already on it. my heart just broke in about a million little pieces for him and i kicked myself for only bringing enough money for one ride, but he just picked out a horse and got on and didn’t look back once at the frog, except when we were checking out the names of the other animals on the carousel and asked if i knew what the frog’s name was. OMG I TOTALY GET why people want to protect their kids from disappointment. i was just so totally heartsick that gus might be bummed that he didn’t get to ride the animal he wanted for his OWN carousel ride. but you know what? he wasn’t. or maybe he was, but not enough not to enjoy the hell out of the ride on his second choice. and you know what else? it’s good for kids to experience disappointment from time to time — or at least not to be protected from it. but, oy, i would have yanked that other poor little boy right off that frog if i could have. ha!

since we were downtown already anyway, we had jeremy meet us after work and we all went out to dinner together. gus was all wound up, but cute and hilarious. he ordered some yaki soba for himself (if by demanded, you mean ordered..) and spent the entire meal dipping individual noodles into a bowl of soy sauce and shoving them into his mouth. he was covered in soy sauce by the end of the meal. but he hasn’t crushed a dinner out like that in probably 6 months, so even if he SMELLED LIKE kikkoman by the end of the meal, it was so incredibly fun to take him out.

i had to bring cal back down to the living room for bedtime tonight because he was cranking around a bit and couldn’t settle. gus heard him (jeremy was reading him tales of a fourth grade nothing) and looked over. cal saw his big brother, pushed himself up on his elbows from his tummy, and laughed and laughed. they giggled and snuggled and we sighed and let them love each other for a few minutes before we had to separate them.

ah we’re such suckers for these babies.


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