one happy thing, one sad thing

a couple of weeks ago i read about asking your child to talk about “one happy thing” and “one sad thing” that happened in their day and then to share yours as a way to connect with the wee small ones. while we haven’t remembered to do this every day, we’ve managed to keep it going consistently enough that gus remains rather enthusiastic about all of us talking about our days like this. it’s a fun way to learn about what really has stuck out in gus’ mind about what happened during the day (although mostly it tends to be about what happened that afternoon. still, very fun).

thursday we had a rather kickass day together if i do say so myself: the zoo with some good friends, the frog pond carousel, the frog pond itself (with absolute manic craziness ensuing when the teens turned the fountain in the middle of the pond on. think justin bieber tween fan madness), the frog pond playground, riding the green line, dinner out with papa.. basically an entire day of non-stop good times. i wondered what he would choose. i had a hard time deciding what i would say for myself.

his one sad thing: having to go home (he had a good day! *swoon*)

his one happy thing: getting to watch (that is, play) didi & ditto (a cute computer game for pre-schoolers) after lunch tomorrow

tomorrow. his ONE GOOD THING about TODAY was what was going to happen TOMORROW.

what a little punk.


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