the things you forget

cal’s dropping his second morning nap. or.. maybe dropping his evening nap? it’s hard to say, really, since it all seems to depend on when he wakes and how long he stays up from waking. but the past few days he’s been getting up around 6 (with a handful of 05something roll calls. awesome) and staying up for 2 – 2 1/2 hours and then sleeping for about 2 hours or so. he used to take two morning naps, each between 30-60 minutes and recently he seems to have merged them. and then a few hours later he takes a midday nap.. and then this is where it’s getting dicey. i think ideally he’d like to take his next nap around 1:30 or 2 for 2 hours or so, but he doesn’t seem quite able to make it that long and has been crashing around 12-12:30 for an hour or so — not long enough — and then cranking around for the next 2-4 hours thinking that he might need a nap but then not being able to settle down. and then finally falling asleep for an hour or so and then losing his mind when he wakes up because he’s SO tired but he has to poop or nurse or MAMA I’M JUST NOT SURE BUT BOY AM I MAD ABOUT IT. poor guy.

tonight was the worst, and i really couldn’t figure it out. usually he just cranks for a minute and then we nurse or snuggle and then it’s relatively easy for him to go back to sleep. or he’ll wake up and play a little bit and then crash again very soon after. but tonight it was just awful and sad. he was so upset, so tired, that i wasn’t sure he wasn’t in some kind of pain. he was so mad that i could see that he does, in fact, have a little bit of hernia left. he was pushing his tummy out THAT much in anger. and of course it made me worry — it always makes me worry when i can’t figure out what is wrong — that what with the diarrhea and all that maybe it was something to do with his tummy. there were no other signs, but still, it’s always at the back of my mind.

finally, though, i took him upstairs again, and he nursed and slept some more. and i remembered how tough it was for a few days when gus went from two naps to one. he would get so tired and cranky, but it was so very hard to get over that hump for about a week or so. and then finally he did and all was well again. i thought, oh, THAT must be it. whew.

and i realized that i didn’t remember this transition for gus because when gus was calum’s age we were packing up the pearl st apt for a week. and then we were in the 724 for a week. and then we were UNpacking with grandma for a week. and then auntie m was visiting for a week. and i had no idea what i was doing at all anyway — it was the first month i’d been home with gus since he was 8 weeks old. i didn’t even know that babies could have a 2-3-4 nap schedule until gus was about 7 months old or so. i always knew he napped in the morning and the afternoon, but i never knew when it was going to happen until a friend of mine mentioned her baby’s schedule. and then i was all, OOooh. useful information, that.

there’s so much you just don’t know at all the first time around. there’s so much muddling through. good thing i’m such a pro THIS time around. ha!


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