6 months

dear calum,

yesterday you were 6 months old. 6 MONTHS! when did that happen?? no, really, when did that happen? because i am pretty sure you were JUST. BORN. YESTERDAY. how are you sitting next to me on papa’s lap, getting really really angry at the shape sorter right now? because it won’t do whatever tricksy thing it is that you think it should do. stupid shape sorter.

it’s just all too soon for us, this growing up that you are doing. i took years and  years for your brother to grow this big and here you are, sneaking in new developments left and right while we have our backs turned. already you get some non-nursings here and there, green beans (you like), bread (it’s ok), banana (it’s quite strange), a bit of raspberry (you’re not sure), sweet potato (no thank you) and applesauce (it’s very strange). oh and a pea. which you did NOT like, keeping with all the other males in this household, i suppose. i’m not even ready to give you big kid food. i’d like to just wait on all this business for now, please, but you don’t like to sit at the table and not be allowed to be involved, so at the very least i always try to give you a spoon these days, at least. but it’s all very odd, i must say. plus who in this house is ready for your food poops? none of us, that’s who.

but you’ve started to master sitting up, and it’s very cute. you can do it on your own, but mostly you’d rather not. i had thought you were two weeks behind gus on this, and technically you are, but gus also didn’t have two weeks of diarrhea to contend with when he was trying to sit up, so perhaps that had something to do with it too. not that it’s a contest, but i was worried for a minute that i wouldn’t be able to get your cute sitting up 6 month shot! but i did. whew. thank you!

but even so, you’d rather sit up in on of our laps. or between our legs. or crooked in one of our arms. well, okay. we’re not known to turn down cuddles around here, so now that i’ve got my photo, well, you can go ahead and slow down on that business if you’d like.

but it’s crazy, reaching this 6 month mark, to realize that yes, in another week or two or three or even four, you’ll be sitting on your own pretty regularly. and then in a few weeks after that, you’ll be crawling. and a few weeks or months after that, you’ll probably cruising or pulling yourself up and dancing or having us walk you around by our fingers. i don’t know when exactly and i don’t expect you to follow your brother’s schedule but the fact of the matter is, i can’t keep pretending that you are going to be a teeny tiny baby forever anymore. the obvious is staring me right in the face too many times a day these days. you are not a kid yet, my wee tot, but it’s coming, and it’s coming sooner than i care to admit.

but your are so sweet, my love. so cheerful and silly and happy. you LOVE your brother with a passion. he’s actually banned from the entire second floor when i’m trying to put you down for a nap (you’re still somewhere between 3 and 2 these days, still working toward 2 but occasionally still needing that extra one. afternoon planning for us right now is basically impossible, thank you very much). if you so much as hear a single peep from him, you’re immediately distracted. and if you see his face, no matter how droozy you just were, you pop right up all giggles and smiles. it’s maddening and totally adorable.

you love your papa too, so very very much. the only person you are more excited to see on a daily basis than your brother is your papa. if we wake up before papa (as we often do), you try your hardest to wake him up with flapping and the occasional squawking and then are thrilled when he rolls over to greet you with a good morning smile.  i get some good smiles too, but it’s hard for a mama not to get jealous, sometimes.

your eyes look like they’re going to be hazel like mine, with brown right around the pupil and green on the outside. your hair is starting to come in some more (though you still have so much less than your brother did at this stage). it’s hard to say what color it will be (it’s brown now, but will it get lighter i wonder? and then stay lighter or get darker again?) and whether or not it will be curly (today in the bath it looked like maybe yes!). i want you to take your time growing, but i AM quite curious about what kind of kid you will be!

although your hair is taking it’s time, your head isn’t. right before the end of the season all your hats got too small! and all the ones i have for next season are way too big right now and you HATE it when the brim gets in your eyes, poor guy. but you, peanut, are not getting that much bigger all over, however. you are only 14 lbs! (gus was 16 1/2 at this point!) and only 25 inches! (gus was 28!). 10th percentile in height and weight, mr. drippy cheeks. you may be teeny tiny, but you certainly don’t look it, little lover.

you still have your hernia, which is a bummer. the pediatrician wants a surgeon to look at it, so we’re going for a consult in a few weeks to get an idea of how long we can wait until (and if) you need to have surgery to fix it. ugh. why do our kids get all the weird problems?

you nurse to sleep these days but still not like your brother. you still can and do fall asleep all on your own when you want to, but you sometimes like a little nursings to go with it. and it’s so cute. you still don’t like to comfort nurse and you’re still all business when it’s come to snack time, so it’s nice to get a little bed- or naptime snuggling in. and oh, snuggler, you know what else i love? how you have to move closer when you think i’m not close enough. oh sweet little fella, i know co-sleeping is not for everyone, and that’s okay with me, but i’m so grateful for this time we have for snuggling together.

thanks for being such a wonderful little fella. we’re so lucky to have you, cute thing. just take it a little slower for the next few months, okay?




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