that three year old

opens and closes his mouth in time with the scissors when he cuts. not so much as he did a few weeks ago, but it’s still pretty cute. he does really well cutting a straight line these days too.

is sleeping in the bottom of his bunk bed. papa joins him about halfway through the night, but he’s in his own room now. he desperately wants to sleep on the top bunk, but the deal is he has to sleep a week all by himself on the bottom before he’s allowed.

is really into chapter books. ramona ones are his and papa’s favorite, but he liked some about fudge and the one about ralph s. mouse he read with grandma and pappy last week in pennsylvania too. we’re also slowly but surely working our way through an enormous treasurey of the original thomas books, which we all love.

loves his baby brother very much. sometimes a little too much. he tells me sometimes that he doesn’t want to have a baby anymore, but when i make a joke about leaving him in the store or throwing him about the window, gus is totally shocked. “he’s our baby mama and we have to keep him forever!”

totally loves soccer and apple picking, pictures of which are long overdue.

is learning how to swim, sometimes even without swimmies.

insisted on singing himself to sleep along with papa last night.

is starting to grow up of his 3 1/2-is-hell phase.

is basically a pretty amazing little guy.


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