gus had a dentist appointment today. his teeth are lovely. the noticed one small stain on a back tooth that they are not concerned about but will keep an eye on just in case. it wasn’t soft, and so the dentist thinks it’s also possibly just a stain from something gus ate. and they think his bottom teeth will come in crowded (no surprises there). so the hygienist gave me some tips on how to make it “easier” to floss his teeth, especially since they’re going to be all “so tight back there”.

i smiled and thanked her for the suggestions, although i considered mentioning that we had, in fact, showed up to the appointment with no shoes and only half a sock on that morning. that i had dragged gus, screaming, out from underneath the coffee table on our way to the car that morning. that he had proceeded to scream and yell the entire way to the dentist’s office — until he scared calum, who started to cry and i very maturely asked him if he was “happy now??”.

that i had made all of us miserable, rushed us out the door and into the office, apologizing that we were late, only to find out that we were in fact 45 minutes EARLY because i am a DUMBASS.

so, no, i’m not trying to monkey another wrench into our routine, thank you very much. maybe next year.

(and, no, it wasn’t about going to the dentist — it was merely about going out. probably it is related to our being overscheduled lately. and probably it is related to being 3 1/2 and crazy. and probably is related to mama being lazy lately and making bad choices in the heat of the moment. i’d like to say we’re learning, but sometimes it feels like we are choosing to make the same damn ridiculous mistakes over and over again. sigh. we had a really good afternoon, though.)


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