bubba: does foucault love me?

mama: yes, when you are gentle with him like that.

bubba: but not when i do THIS! (interesting handiwork to himself)

mama: no, he doesn’t like it when you grab his penis.

bubba: (laughs) foucault doesn’t have a penis!

mama: yes he does, it’s just inside. it doesn’t usually come out unless he is trying to make a baby.

bubba: what?

mama: except that foucault can’t make babies because we cut off his balls.

bubba: you did not!

mama: ok, no, the vet did. but he still did cut them off.

bubba: why did he do THAT?

mama: because cats make lots of babies, and people need to take care of them, so it’s a good idea —

bubba: (interrupting) but what if he just made ONE baby?

mama: well, cats always have lots of babies —

bubba: (on a roll now) what about dogs? do dog vets cut off dog balls?

mama: yes —

bubba: but some dogs are fast! so they can make a baby FIRST!

mama: yes, i suppose that is true.


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