7 months

dear calum,

7 months! already?! sweet baby boy with the big cheeks, you’re growing so fast!

you have your /n/ and your /d/ (thanks for the nerdspeak, auntie m). at first, you would only babble with the n sound when you were angry (NAYNAYNAYNAY!) but then later you liked to say it all the time. until you learned the d sound, which you say with big fat drippy cheeks and a heavy brow. you love it when you babble and we babble back. you’re so relieved to finally be a part of the conversation.

you’ve started to get really good at sitting up. you still fall over quite a bit, especially when you get tired of sitting — you just slouch yourself back, expecting someone to catch or it not to hurt, but you can sit for quite some time and play and reach, even, when you are in the mood to do so. it’s so very cute! you still like to spend a lot of time on your back looking at toys, though. or in your new (used) exersaucer! you’ve decided that the bear chair is old news (although you’ll occasionally hang out in it in a pinch) — and i guess i don’t blame you — too slouchy. you don’t roll over these days as much as you used to (been there done that too, i suppose), but you DO like to be on your tummy to watch speedy & mighty. and then you get so excited that you often push yourself all the way up on your hands and on your toes. you’ve even skooched yourself forward once or twice in that position. we’re along way away from crawling, and boy is that irritating to you, but every day we’re a little bit closer. so crazy!

hey norbert!

you’re still chomping chomping chomping on everything, but no teeth yet. maybe this month? we’ll see.

you are really into playing with some shape blocks that gus got at about your age. you like taking them out of the bucket they are stored in. it’s a good game. you like your sophie giraffe from ezra. you like gus’ wiggly giggler — you slam it on your leg (or mine) over and over again to make it make noise. you like gus miniature cymbals — they make good noise too. and you like your panda, although it frustrates you that you can’t make it squeak yet. you can pull the flower on your hippo to make music almost every time now. this is nice for you, but drives your papa and me a little bit crazy.


you love watching speedy & mighty (and have been catching and eating the trucks. which immediately get all slimed up on the back. probably not so great for their motors) and you have started to yelp and pound and whine when the trucks get stuck and no one fixes them right away. you’ve started to yelp to get my attention too — and then you are SO PLEASED when i turn to look at you. look at you, really starting to converse already!

you like eating solids, although we’re pretty careful with what we give you. right now something has upset your tummy, and i’m not sure if it’s something i ate or something you did. but in general, you like apples, red peppers, wheat crackers and bread (which might be a culprit, so you don’t get any more of those for awhile), green beans, and sweet potato fries. you don’t like applesauce, or carrots, or banana. you are not sure about avocado. i keep forgetting to save you a piece of broccoli when we cook it. it’s so fun to give you little pieces of foods and watch you explore them. you’re not really eating eating — just trying things out, but it’s still so exciting, especially when you really get into it. although i forgot what a pain it is to clean up a messy baby. sigh.
you’re sleeping longer and longer stretches at nap and night. that’s really nice. naps continue to be something of a thing for us — today for example i had you in the wrap for a nice afternoon nap but we were out and then the subway woke you up. dumb train! but you had a pretty good morning nap, so that wasn’t SO bad. i’d love to give you two good naps a day, but it’s hard — that would mean your poor brother would be stuck inside almost all day long. and while he actually might not mind that, it would drive ME crazy. and so you tend to get one okay nap in the morning while we’re out and then one pretty good nap when we’re home in the afternoon. and if we’re lucky we get to go out after you sleep. and that’s not too bad. but even when you don’t get the greatest nap, you’re still a pretty cheerful guy. i appreciate it while it lasts and try not to take advantage of it too much. i know that it’s going to get harder and harder on you if i continue to ruin your daytime sleep as you get bigger! poor guy! but it’s getting colder, too, and we’ll be stuck inside a lot more. so maybe you’ll get more sleep this winter, eh?

your love affair with the cat has begun. you just discovered him this month and the only thing that can make you smile almost as bright as when you see your brother is when you see the cat. of course, foucault almost totally ignores you now (ah, poor foucault, he will be so miserable when you start to crawl), but if he happens to come near me for a snuggle, you squawk and squawk with joy. i tried to show you a board book with cats in it the other day. i thought you would be so excited. but you noticed immediately that the cats were neither soft nor mobile and you immediately became bored. no picture cats for you, my friend! i wonder if your first word will be cat, too, eh buddy? he’s back inside again, for now, and i guess i’m glad. it IS really cute to see how happy you are to see him.

oh, sweet baby boy, what a joy you are for all of us (especially to your big brother who loves you oh so very much)! thank you for loving us all so much.




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