day one

we dropped jeremy off at the airport a little before 8:30 for his 10 am flight. that immediately got delayed by an hour. and then by three more hours. and then its takeoff became all together questionable. so, sadly, pops waited at the airport until almost 2 before he left us for good for a week in california for a conference and for a quick visit with our favorite twins.

so begins my week of single parenting. although jeremy has left me alone with gus before and although i’ve put both kids to bed several times over now, this is the longest i have been on my own with any of our children, let alone both of them. i am not worried, but i am not exactly super excited about it either.

if today is any indication, though, we just may be looking forward to a rather lovely week!

after we dropped jeremy off, we went straight to trader joe’s for some grocery shopping, then came home and gus and i played some games, had lunch, made some gnocchi to have for dinner, and cal took a nice afternoon nap. then right after cal awoke, we headed to concord for some contra dancing with our friends maya, cherisse, and kelly, and to our delighted surprise, our friend leslie, ken, joss, and anson too!

there was some confusion on my part about where the #^!@* the damn dance was actually occurring (the number on the building was nowhere to be seen, and there was no parking or any signs, so it was very tricksy to determine the actual spot), so we got there about 45 minutes late. and then gus was feeling pretty shy being confronted with a roomful of folks he didn’t know (maybe 30-40 people?) and he wanted to go home right away. i asked him if we could at least watch one song and then we could decide what to do. he said ok, and after watching his friends promenade around a few times, he decided that it might be all right to give it a try after all. and of course he loved it and we had tons of fun.

then we came home and ate gnocchi and watched some boowa and kwala, read two books, i told a story and sang two songs and gus fell asleep, snuggled up with bella and silver cat.

and then i brought calum over to the big bed and he fell asleep moments later too.

what a lucky mama i am, to be stuck papaless for the week with such wonderful kids.


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