day two

we started monday at 3:15 when gus puked up all that mucus he hasn’t been blowing out of his nose all over himself and the bed. awesome. cal took the opportunity to decide it was time to party, and no one fell back asleep until after 4. at least it was mucus, though, and not virus, that made gus sick (poor guy). if we were stuck in the house all week with no playdates and no places to go because gus had the stomach bug i think this week would have ended very badly for everyone.

but gus woke up hale and hearty (although, somewhat surprisingly, not very hungry) and after a wee bit of breakfast and a bath, we went to the boston nature center with our friends dora, lucas, and eamon. gus and lucas played for a good 20 minutes or so with a fluorescent orange piece of caution tape. and then they beat each other up with sticks, although not intentionally, i think. gus said “my chin hurts. i guess that’s what happens when lucas and i play rough.”

we came home and had lunch and quiet time, and then calum napped while i did some laundry and gus had computer time for, like, forever. part of the whole zen experience of being a single parent for a week is my not overbooking our days. weirdly, the less busy we are right now the better. it avoids a lot of getting out of the house struggles and gets good naps in for calum. and we’re also here in time to make dinner, instead of my having to scramble while jeremy (who isn’t here) wrangles the kids.

somehow, knowing that jeremy won’t be here for 5 more days is somewhat easier to deal with than knowing he will be home an hour late. it’s all in the way i think about our day, i guess. we’re pretty excited that it’s only a 2 1/2 day week when he gets home, though!

two days in already and we’re all still alive! not too shabby!


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