day 3

working tonight, have to be quick:

lazy morning, stayed in, let calum nap. zipped out after for quick trip to co-op, library, and playground. lunch in the car for gus, beginning of nap for cal. home for quiet time and computer time, cal finished his nap. gus and i played chess while cal explored some toys. then dinner (pizza) and tears over undressing responsibilities (NO I CAN’T TAKE MY SHIRT OFF! YOU DO IT!) and finally some boowa and kwala before bedtime. three books in bed and cal woke up. gus fell asleep before i returned.

being up in the middle of the night yesterday got to me today, but still a great day overall. gus is growing up, too. we seem to be much closer to 4 than 3 1/2 more often than now these past few days, and that helps too.

3 down, 4 to go. it’s still early to say we’re going to make it without a major breakdown, but i remain optimistic.


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