day 5

yesterday i was sick. it sucked. today i am better.


in the middle of the night weds night/thurs morning, something started to go wrong. i didn’t feel well, but i thought maybe because it was the fake cheese and all the tasty tasty olive oil in the pizza. i woke up a couple times and thought, well, i’m just going to be tired in the morning.

was i ever. and chills. and aches. the misery.

we went to playgroup anyway, because i knew the kids wouldn’t leave me alone if we stayed in, so we might as well try to get out. but it was so cold on my achey bones. every time the wind blew it felt so awful. i couldn’t get warm at all and even my jeans brushing against my legs felt painful. after an hour, i called it. gus was happy to go home, thankfully, so we retreated.

the rest of the day was doable. i felt terrible, but the kids were really great, and gus and i just schmoozed around while calum napped — really long computer time and some board games. they left me relatively in peace while i ate a bowl of lentil soup — the only thing i’d eaten in 24 hours by then — and then calum actually fell asleep by 5:30 while gus was finishing up dinner.

i thought, hurrah! a break! i’ll get gus to bed and i’ll go to bed and GLORY! SLEEP!

gus actually got ready super fast and was downstairs at 20 til 6 for bed time routine. and i was so tired and felt so yucky that i searched on netflix til i found an appropriate kids movie to watch. no hour and twenty minutes of 45 second sesame street on youtube clips tonight, that’s for sure.

so i put on some madeline movie. we’d been watching madeline the tv series videos every now and again and gus liked them. she is cute, and spunky, and the shows are benign and not super dumb. i figured a madeline movie would be great, even though i’d of course never seen it. madeline was going to save the mona lisa from some art thieves or something. great, you go, madeline.

calum is starting to get serious about teething, i think. he’s been sleeping pretty badly for the past few nights, and thurs night was the first real night of this phenomenon. about ten minutes into the movie, i heard him crying over the monitor, so i went up to nurse him.

when i came back down, gus told me about how madeline had gotten in trouble with the police, because she had tried to catch some thieves, but no one believed her. don’t worry, i assured him, madeline is tough. she can handle the police.

cal started crying again, so i ran back upstairs.

when i came back down, gus was a lot more serious. madeline had gotten in trouble with miss clavel, too. i hugged him and settled in to watch.

cal started crying again, so i ran back upstairs.

when i came back downstairs, gus was sobbing. i couldn’t even understand what he was saying at first. finally, between heaving sobs, i caught it “she can’t <sob, sob> go back <sob, sob>”. wait, what? who? “MADELINE CAN’T GO HOME!!!!!!”.

apparently madeline got sent to london for finishing school. so she had to leave miss clavel and her friends. and gus was traumatized. are you @#^%$* me, madeline?? how are you not a safe for three year olds movie, ZOMG???!!!

i pulled gus close to me in a big hug while he slowly calmed down.

and calum start crying on the monitor again.


so i ran upstairs and brought him down this time. of course, he woke up right away, and i spent the rest of the movie trying to distract him from watching the screen while trying to snuggling a very distraught gus — BECAUSE THE END UP THROWING MADELINE IN JAIL!

the madness!

finally the @$%#$*& movie was over and i took both kids up to gus’ bed. they were both still up at 8, when i finally gave up and told gus i was going to put cal in the big bed and that i’d be back in a minute to finish snuggling him. gus fell asleep almost as soon as i left the room and cal fell asleep a few minutes later (they were keeping each other awake, of course).

and i fell asleep a few minutes later myself, exhausted.


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