day 6

by friday i was done. tired. cranky.  we had playgroup in the morning but gus and cal both were up at 6 (awesome, thanks for letting me sleep in on the day after i was feeling so awful, dudes), so cal was asleep by 8:30, essentially screwing us out of getting out of the house in the morning. but when he woke up we squeezed in some grocery shopping and we all shuffled home for lunch in time for the afternoon nap.

gus and i once again played 5 bagillion board games while cal slept, and then, when cal woke up, we want to see gus and cal’s buddies graham and margot. margot was fancy, as usual, in her polka dotted blue dress and polka dotted pink tights. graham’s mama was the best mama ever and offered to take the big obnoxious kids out to the community garden and “run them like dogs” while graham’s mom and i stayed in with the wee babes. ah, it was so nice.

the boys came back in all flushed from the cold and well worn out — we sent them to graham’s room to watch frosty — while all three of us parents chatted for a little while longer. very, very, very nice.

we came home, gus had some hot dogs for dinner, and this time bedtime went off without a hitch.

whew. a good day, but wearying.


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