days 7 & 8

what can i say about our last day with jeremy away? i was tired. even the kids were tired of it (or me). i had two things on the calendar for us to do and i was too burnt out to even remember to look at it. we pooped around the house in the morning, got some groceries, and then pooped around for the afternoon. it felt good when we were out, and i thought, you know, we really should get out this afternoon. but i just couldn’t do it.

but we made it.

and then jeremy came home and everyone was in such a good mood sunday morning. gus woke up in the middle of the night and called for me and jeremy went in and gus sat up and told him excitedly about something we had done that day. cal was bashful and turned his head into my shoulder when jeremy reached for him in the morning, but went to him just fine a few minutes later. i went to go back to bed, but was in too good of a mood to just lie there, so i got up and got a shower and did some laundry (the romance, i know).

jeremy made waffles for breakfast and then we took papa to a cool playground he’d never been to before after cal’s nap. we didn’t do much for the rest of the afternoon — the steelers were on so gus and i played some board games while jeremy watched the football game. cal played and napped and played some more. after the game gus and i ran around the backyard and playground for a few minutes before it got too dark and then we all had dinner, some movies, and bedtime.

it was a very, very good day.


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