8 months

dear gula gula,

here i am once again, shocked at your growing up, as if you aren’t do it all the time every day, getting bigger and bigger before my very eyes. as if after all this time i should still be surprised at babies and the things they do. but here i am, still surprised at babies and the things they do.

just hangin around

you sit! like a pro! for ages and ages! while you play and clap and flap and watch. except when you don’t. you don’t lose your balance anymore so much as you schlump down out of laziness. or because you seem to think if you throw your whole body forward at something, you will magically come out on top of the situation. you never do. you don’t get hurt as much as you used to doing this, but you are no less angry about it. life is NOT fair to baby who wants things and can’t reach them and can’t crawl to reach them.

you’ve started backward motion, sometimes. when you can be bothered to be on your tummy anymore, which is rare, you often end up pushing things out of your own reach accidentally. this is frustrating. so you reach for them. you try to hard. and they get farther away! farther and farther! oh woe and tragedy and tears, especially when you end up with your legs halfway under the couch. just crawl forward, gus and i tell you. but you don’t find this advice particularly helpful or funny. poor guy. you’ll be mobile in the right direction soon, i promise.

fierce thumbsucking

mobility issues aside, what a cheerful baby you continue to be. what a happy little scientist. you love new faces and will give anyone who gives you a hello a great big smile. but you also love studying things. you will sit for minutes and minutes turning toys over and around, seeing if they make noise or bend or if they are tasty. you have a rather long attention span for babies in this family and it’s fascinating to watch your fascination. we actually had to scramble for baby swag, having giving away most of gus’. babies don’t play with these things! we thought. oh, we realize now. it was just THAT baby.

you love to play with gus. you think gus is the most amazing creature ever to have walked this earth. gus’ favorite excuse for torturing you always starts something like this but cal thinks it’s FUNNY.. we are trying to explain that your laughing does NOT make it okay, but buddy, you’re laughing is NOT helping. oh how you love your big brother. and oh how he loves you.

you don’t just laugh at your big brother, you flap at him. OH how you flap when you are excited! when you see the wrap (we are going outside!), when i put you in the high chair (i may get a spoon!), when we head upstairs for a nap (yes i am so sleepy!), when you see the cat/a dog/hear the tv/get the toy you want/etc. you get such joy out of life, sweet baby.

mandatory baby-in-towel shot

you’ve learned to clap this month too. it’s so cute. that is, you’ve started clapping your hands together and you like to do it very much. what exactly you are trying to accomplish, i’m not sure, we didn’t teach you to clap clap, but whatever you are doing, it’s adorable. and of course we always clap back, which makes you quite pleased.

you like to chat, a lot, and you love when we chat back at you. you have a little bit of /m/ sometimes now and sometimes /bl/. you chat in happy baby voice and you also gurgle in some guttural goblin baby voice which makes us all laugh. i’m not sure WHAT that is all about, but it’s pretty awesome. if you are a changeling, i think the goblins got the raw end of the deal, because you are pretty pleasant for such an unpleasant species, i’d have to say.

although i will give you this — your bite-mama’s-nursing-and-then-laugh-when-she-scolds-me game is not your most charming. it all comes from the ouch game you play with papa i’m sure (you chomp on papa’s fingers and he says ouch! ouch! ouch! and you laugh and laugh), so not your fault i suppose. still, my nursings don’t care whose idea it was to begin with. they just don’t like it at all. and who can blame them, really? and you’re so terribly hard to scold. i tell you sternly now, but you find this even more delightful, and do you know how difficult it is to keep a straight face when you smile like that? sigh. but i do it, else my nursings will never recover.

faster than a hummingbird’s wings

and you are always chomping these days. you chomp and you chomp and you chomp. i know things are happening, things are always happening with vile teeth, but so far, nothing has come through. my bet is on the bottom two first. i feel some rather prominent tooth buds on the front of your lower jaw compared to the top, but, who knows? teeth are so tricksy! your brother had cut two by now, i think, so i am curiouser and curiouser about when yours will show.  also, i’d like to get the first tooth over with, honestly. it’s always the worst.

your poor tummy is better, but not by much. milk no longer comes out of your nose when you nurse — that has to feel a lot better — and i dont’ think you’ve had any reflux for about a month, and your poops are much more frequently the right color (and your cold and cough have significantly cleared up), but you’re still sensitive to all the usual culprits gut wise. i had some garlic mashed potatoes with chives last night and this morning you were up at 5:30 with the farts. and then your poops turned all mucusy and green again. my poor guy. but your papa and i are getting creative with flavors and foods, and that is a good thing for us anyway. it keeps us out of a culinary rut, and we do love a grand food adventure.

but you do like to eat — carrots and red peppers and green beans for chomping. the occasional apple or pear slice for gnashing and mashing. the better part of a sweet potato tempura for lunch today. some oatmeal for breakfast today and yesterday. i haven’t given you much — i don’t want to tax your tummy — but these last few days you’ve really started to take an interest in food. i have to say that this is one of the things that i love about baby led weaning — i know for certain that you are eating because you want to. plus it’s lots of fun. and you even got to sit in your own big baby chair at lunch at a restaurant today and eat your own snack in there. what a big kid! you were so pleased! although it was hard for you to concentrate on food, since there was so much to look at at this new angle. sometimes gus and i put you in the seat in the shopping cart too. this tickles you both greatly. so much new things in the world for you both explore!

baby at work

you are also a big fan of standing these days. if you could stand to play you would like that even more than sitting. alas, you are not quite steady enough of leg or strong enough of hand to hold onto a table and look around like you would like. still, if someone will hold you in place, you enjoy viewing the world from two wobbly legs best at the moment.

we’ve started this is the way that calum rides this month, and you’ve started to understand a little bit that it is a silly game. you enjoy the bouncing and you giggle quite a bit when it’s time to beware how papa rides. what fun!

and of course this was your first thanksgiving. you slept through most of the meal but you got to have some oatmeal for breakfast and you loved having your uncle adam here and our friends simi and abra. and you cheerfully let me put our thanksgiving bib on you, even though we only used it for fashion show purposes.

baby’s first

dear sweet baby, as always you are a joy to the family who loves you! this month, as always, we are especially thankful for you.

lemme try that thing




One thought on “8 months

  1. Did mom send you that picture of uncle trooper on his first thanksgiving? Because that’s the picture you posted for sure!

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