we don’t go to the new england aquarium much these days, because as gus puts it, “there’s too much fish.” and not that i blame him, really, if you don’t like the fish and you don’t want to touch the sea stars and the hermit crabs, and you don’t like the jellyfish, and you only find the penguins mildly amusing, and you get bored watching the seals, there really is NOT a whole lot for a 3 yr old to do.

but our friends had an errand downtown and they suggested we meet there (they have a membership) monday morning and we did. and we actually HAD FUN. gus DID touch the sea creatures (and was very excited) and he DID want to look at the animals in the tank and got excited about the diver and the stingray and the shark. he looked at the first in other tanks and begged to go down AND COLOR (gus never wants to color) when they made an announcement about a coloring project going on in the curious george room (the room we used to spend all our time at the aquarium in when we used to go to the aquarium before).

and calum LOVED it. i forgot how much fun the aquarium is for babies — all the colors and the moving things. it’s like being inside a giant building of baby crack. everything was FISH! LOOK AT THE FISH! *flapflapflapexcitedarmsZOMG* FISH! FISH! FISH! and then *zonk* it ultimately was too much and he totally passed out.

i can’t wait for the zoo this spring. the baby is going to lose his mind.


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