tucking in

it’s not that we don’t want to see you, friends, it’s just that it’s easier not to. i mean, we have some regular playdates and playgroups and get-togethers and whatnots, and somehow we all our shit together to make it to all of those. so it’s not that we CAN’T make it out the door. because we can. we do. but maybe it’s that we’ve reached our limit of outings. except that we’re always happy to see you, when we see you. always relieved that we pushed through that extra layer of homebody resistance to spring ourselves once again to join the outside world.

but. somehow. somehow once we’re in it’s just easier to stay in. easier not to make that phone call/text/email plan to say “can you just clear your schedule for the next entire day while we figure out just when exactly and for how long the baby is going to nap today and also there’s a lunch to squeeze in there and then we have to get dressed and OHMYGODHOWMUCHDOIHATEGETTINGUSALLDRESSEDINTHEWINTER”.  sooooo.. yea, even though we have the most unscheduled time i think i’ve ever allowed us to have (not getting out of the house used to make me so crazy), somehow we spend more of it at home, alone, than we’ve ever done before.

it’s something about having two kids — no, not the ohmygod-how-can-we-possibly-get-it-together-to-get-out-of-the-house-or-do-ANYTHING two kids things. it’s more like, ohmygod-having-two-kids-is-way-more-entertaining-than-having-one-kid-and-it-turns-out-we’ve-been-inside-all-day-every-day-for, like, a-week-now. oops.

upside, mama doesn’t lose her mind as much as she used to. downside, the kids are forgetting what sunshine looks like. and their friends. oops again.

other parts of it include getting to spend some one on one time with gus, which i don’t really get to do if we are always going out and meeting up with folks. and cal getting to take some seriously good naps, which i always feel guilty about. our schedule some days do not take into account his sleep schedule at all, poor little guy. or how about how having folks here — which allows us to take cal’s naps into account — seems to backfire a lot lately for other reasons. like how gus is really into board games and card games right now, and most of his friends are not. and even when they are, they still like to play it a little fast and loose with the rules and gus is having NONE OF THAT THANK YOU VERY MUCH. which usually means the game ends abruptly and with many tears all around.

when i DO drag us out of the house to meet up with you, friends, it’s always, always wonderful. it’s just not easy. and i am so lazy. i am going to make a mini-resolution right here and now to suck it up and get us out there a little bit more starting… soon.

but please know it’s not you, it’s me. and that i’m working on it, i promise.


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