10 months

dear most-perfect-baby-ever,

where did this month go? someone just asked how old you are the other day and i guess “9 1/2 months”. because it couldn’t be that you are so old yet. but then we got our 26 month update from your lovely cousin and i realized that — ZOMG TODAY! — you are 10 months old! my goodness!

you have been very busy eating us out of house and home this month. it’s amazing. you will eat almost anything that i offer you. and how. one morning i was changing your diaper while papa was walking back and forth in front of you. it made you very cranky. at first i thought you were annoyed that papa wasn’t paying attention to you, but it wasn’t until he stopped and turned to smile at you that we both realized that you were QUITE annoyed that papa was eating out of one of YOUR BOWLS and NOT SHARING! you love three meals a day, please, and hurry. it’s lots of fun and very messy. and you can eat almost everything too, although beans do give you terrible, painful gas if you eat them (but i can eat them, hurrah!), and we haven’t tried tougher things for you like cabbage or onions or cauliflower. one cute thing: you LOVE guacamole (LOVE!) but NOT avocado. except that it stops you up. well, everything stops you up. even blueberries and kale smoothies. and oatmeal. i’m quite perplexed, i have to admit. i’m going to try a little bit of coconut water and see if that helps, poor guy. still, such fun to watch you enjoy trying all these tasty new treats!

you’ve really started to move. no crawling yet, although you can get up on all fours and even rock a little these days. you’ve even taken a few tentative skooches in that position up in the playroom (i think the floor in the living room is still too slippery). you do a lot of piveting on your belly button and half-dragging and backwards pushing. you pull yourself across our legs a lot and force us to help you stand up (actually, you do all the work to stand up, we just provide you with the fingers to hold onto). you can stand and pull yourself up on things if you can get some good resistance under your feet. just today i’ve started putting you in shoes just for help in this area. and today you’ve also started to do this interesting sit-on-one-leg-and-sort-of-drag-myself-forward-with-my-other-leg move. you’re quite pleased about it too. but oh, how much happier you will be when you can really start getting around! how much sadder your brother and the cat will be, too. it’s about to get really wild up in these parts, for sure.

you got some teeth this month! hurrah! in fact, the first tooth that came IN (top right) is the first tooth that came OUT of your brother’s mouth. gus said, “how did he get my tooth in there?!”. it’s funny, because your bottom two teeth have been all-but-in for AGES (at least a month! maybe 6 weeks!) but it was your top one that snuck in there first! and now a bottom one has come in, and the other top and bottom ones are trying to make their ways two. it’s very dangerous to let you gnaw on our fingers these days.

we’ve started try to read with you more these days. and you love it. you get frustrated when you can’t turn the pages of a book you are looking at and you like very much when we turn them for you. you have no real patience for stories, but you do seem to be happy when we sit down with books with you. i feel bad that we haven’t read to you as much as we did with gus, but i don’t think he ever paid attention to books before now anyway, so hopefully we didn’t ruin your chances of getting into the ivy league just yet. gus is so happy that you like books, too, and he always picks a book or two out for you when we go to the library. i love my book reading babies!
you love to play with us. anything that gus is doing is what you want to be doing. games, cards, books, markers, sled, you name it. it’s a little tough for your brother, but it’s so cute for me to see. gus loves to dance and sing for you. he can’t help but drive you a little bit crazy, but you love it even when he pokes you. because of your great love of playing with your brother, you have already learned how to play catch! it’s so crazy, gus was so much older when he learned how to roll the ball back and forth. it’s so fun that you are already so excited to play with us!

we took you snowshoeing this month, and sledding, and shoveling. you love the snow. any excuse to be outside is enough for you. you like to sled, especially with gus holding you in his lap. you like to sit in the sled while we pull you. you like to take winter wonderland walks. we saw some turkeys at the boston nature center today, and you LOVED that too. it’s so much fun to see the world through your eyes, baby, and to feel the excitement of being a wee tiny kid all over again with you too.




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