it’s snowing SO MUCH right now. like maybe an inch an hour. which is shockingly much, even compared to the other snowstorms we’ve had since, well, the first day of winter this season. and it is supposed to continue like this for another 16 hours or so. WILD.

i’m a little bummed that the kids aren’t older — neither gus nor cal likes being out when the snow is coming down so hard (understandably). but i can’t think of many things more beautiful than strolling in this kind of winter wonderland. maybe tomorrow after everything has let up. IF it doesn’t turn into a major ice storm like they had been calling for later last week. although this snow isn’t exactly welcome, an ice storm would be downright horrible.

jeremy was pretty annoyed about it this morning. finally deciding to take this weather rather personally (and i am sure he is not the only one in new england to be feeling that way). it’s true, winter weather can be pretty inconvenient. classes and meetings and programs and events get canceled, and when that keeps happening every week, the novelty starts to wear off and it just gets annoying. but even though we’re starting to get a little CRAZY with a capital EVERYTHING with the cabin fever around here, i have to admit that i also love it when the weather is too much and we mere mortals can’t do anything about it but complain. with all the big fancy technology that we have, we still can regularly be humbled by the weather. and i think that’s pretty important. and kind of cool (and yes, sometimes scary and actually awful when people get hurt).

it’s pretty amazing to watch the snow come down, and down, AND DOWN. and it’s only februray. what wintery madness!


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