last comic standing

gus’ 4 yr well visit was today. the kid was on a roll! when we first arrived, he told the nurse, “if i weigh big enough, i’m going to be dragon food!” okay, i teased him that if he weighed 40 lbs he would be dragon food on the way, but it was his idea to tell the nurse. it turns out he only weights 34.4 lbs (and at least .4 of that is clothes, i am sure). and he is 39 1/2 inches tall! that puts him at 50th percentile for weight and 25th for height. the little guy!

the nurse checked his blood pressure next. he knew all about it from when i used to get my checked when i was pregnant with cal, although he told the nurse, pointing at the stethoscope, “that goes on my belly!” she laughed and said, “well, not today.” and even though we all told him there was going to be a little squeeze, he said exclaimed, “WHAAAT?” when the cuff tightened on his arm. more giggling from the grownups.

gus was on a roll! at the 4 yr appt, they do a mini eye exam. he thought the glasses with the blacked out eyepieces (so the little kids don’t have to try to keep their eyes closed one at a time) were crazy. and then he  proceeded to read the letters: K! U! O! T! K! even though they were H V O T H. the enthusiasm, plus the incorrect identification, were just too cute.

later when we met with dr porter, she asked if gus played any games. he said, “yes! chess and checkers!” dr porter about fell off her stool. then she asked him to identify some colors, “what color are spiderman’s pants?” she asked (there were spiderman stickers on the wall of the exam room we were in). “red.” he said. “what about his gloves?” she said. “blue.” he replied. “what color are your ( green frog) boots?” she asked. “green,” he said. “and yellow, and blue, and black, and red, and” “OK!” she said and laughed. “i think it’s safe to say you know your colors.”

then she asked if she could look in his ears. she said, “can i see if there is a choo choo train in there?” gus looked at her with a great deal of skepticism and then answered, “sure.” we could all hear the unspoken “good luck finding a train in there, crazy person!” in his tone. she looked and made some comments about how there was a train in there, etc, which he found amusing but clearly did not believe. when she was moving on to his other ear he said, “did you find any brains in there? or did the alien brain sucker get them all out?”  she had been standing up, but this time she had to sit down she was laughing so hard. “don’t worry,” she said, when she caught her breath. “you have a lot of brains in there.”

she asked us what time he goes to bed. i asked gus, because i wanted to know if he knew. “Nighttime!” he shouted. At this point he could tell when he a captive audience. Well, we said, that’s true, but the actual time is about 7:15. Then he asks dr porter, “Are you going to ask me what time Cal goes to bed?” “No,” she replied. “I wasn’t going to, but do you want me to?” “Yes,” he asserts. “Ok,” she says, and asks him. “Well,” gus says. “i don’t know!”.

The session ends with gus bother volunteering that “We share turns wiping my bum!” and then demonstrating for the pediatrician how he can hop on one foot. She was properly impressed.

Last but not least, gus got a few vaccinations. They sucked and he was a little sad, but he was also very brave.

I can’t believe how much our little guy is growing up!


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