11 months

dear calum,

oh goodness i am late this month! i had a lot of work in the evenings and where did the time go?

you have to eat everything. everything.

another busy month! after ages and ages AND AGES, you finally have four teeth! the two on the bottom i could see since early december, but they were the last to come in of these first four. suddenly one day you had one top tooth, and then a few days another! and then a week or two later, a bottom tooth. and then ANOTHER week or two and then you FINALLY FINALLY had the bottom one too. you were off solids while the teeth were coming in, only having a snack here or there, but now that they are in you are hungry for more than just nursings again. i’m glad, because that is fun. and you’re sleeping better again too, which is always very nice for everyone. and they are so cute, your lovely little teeth. and fun to grind, too, apparently. ugh, i forgot about that.

you’re so much more confident in your crawling ability this month! you still scoot on your bottom leg a lot, but you get on all fours more and more often these days. you still get frustrated if you feel you have to go to far to get what you want, and so you often will stop and sit up and crank and fuss until someone picks you up. i’d like to say that we’re all showing you some tough love to teach you to just go for it, but the sad fact is that you are so darn cute it is hard to let  you sit there and whine for too long. but you are wanting to do more and more things, so you are getting farther and farther before you poop out and give up, so i don’t think we’re spoiling you too much yet.

reading brothers

you really like to move, too. you’re not quite cautious, but you’re not as brave as your brother was at your age. gus never stopped to think about whether or not he could do something, he just went for it. you tend to think about it perhaps a little bit too long. and then instead of trying you often crank until some
one gets your point and does it for you. like for example, you know how to pull yourself up on the coffee table, but you haven’t figured out that you can cruise around it just yet. if something’s out of your reach, you’d rather just complain about it than more to get it. it’s cute to watch, but i know it’s very frustrating for you. you don’t even know how to plop yourself down from standing up yet either, and sometimes it’s hard to know whether you’re angry because you want something that you can’t reach on the table or the floor. you’re quite able, physically, and do things quite well when you try. you just have to be convinced that it’s all right to try them sometimes.

you still, silly little turtle, refuse to roll over from you back to your tummy to get somewhere from lying down. i’ve shown you a few times, but it hasn’t stuck. i have to be honest, though, it makes diaper changing still so easy that i haven’t tried to push the issue on this one.

happy hooper

you’ve learned how to shake your head and you are DELIGHTED when someone shakes their head back it you. you think this is so silly and could play this game for ages. we big people, however, get dizzy pretty easily, and can never manage to play as long as you would like.

you’re learning a *little* baby sign — “more” of course, which means more, yes, again, etc. and you know the sign for up and all done. you don’t DO them, but you respond. sometimes i will ask if you are all done and you will say “more” — meaning, yes, i’m finished. not “i want to eat more.” it can be a little confusing! but we’re all learning, and that is fun.

playing with the big kids

i’d forgotten all the things that come with the crawling stage — all the bathroom doors have to remained closed (you’re too short to drown in the toilet yet, but you sure do like to lick the seat when you can manage it, SO, we try to keep you out of the bathroom just the same). the basement opens only for foucault, and we all know how that damn cat feels about closed doors, so that means i spend a considerable portion of our morning and afternoon time as his personal valet (open it! let me out! open it again! let me out again!). THANK GOD IT IS ALMOST SPRING and i can just put the cat outside for most of the day soon. all our garbages are put up on tables. all our cords are tucked away. you are too short for the steps, which is endlessly frustrating for you.

you love to investigate and to get into things. you drive your poor big brother crazy, always wanting to get involved in whatever he is playing — all too often something with little pieces that are not for little fingers. or you all fingers in some drawer that is not for you. in fact,  you seem to know when you are doing something you’re not supposed to, you suddenly get all quiet and when i call your name you immediately jump, stop what you’re doing, and then squeal. it’s very cute, little troublemaker.

brother snugglers

another fun month, the second to last one as my little infant. i can’t believe we’ve know you for almost a year now, little one!

love, as always,



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