back in the saddle

after countless of our friends fell to the stomach bug left and right this winter, we managed to escape it over and over again. sure, gus did have that weird 12 hour bug in the car on the way home from the holidays in virginia, but we hadn’t caught anything IN BOSTON, and it was starting to freak me out.  we kept having near misses, but somehow we always managed to squeak by with our good health intact.

not so this last weekend, finally. gus threw up first thing saturday morning (around 0630), but then NOTHING again for almost the rest of the day. he had less of an appetite than usual — but who doesn’t, after puking? but otherwise was fine: no fever, no lethargy, no aches or pains or other complaints until early that evening, when he puked again at 5:30. he only threw up twice that night (very nice for gus AND papa) and even managed to get everything right in the bucket sunday morning too. but then sunday, oh what a day, puking every 1-2 hours, regardless of whether he’d eaten anything or not. he was a brave guy, sipping nasty coconut water even though he didn’t like it, chased by a sip of regular water every couple of minutes. having only a bite of bread or cracker now and then, even though he was a little bit hungry.

he finally stopped puking around 12:30 monday morning, and then slept most of the day away. he even ate some enchilada for dinner that night and we thought he was in the clear, hurrah!

tuesday morning gus ate a little bit of breakfast and then took a little nap. when he woke up he had some diarrhea, so he took a bath after, and then when he was sitting in his room before he got dressed after the bath, he threw up. i thought maybe the water had been too warm for a getting-over-sick boy, but 2 hours later he puked again. rats.

but he seemed in good spirits and we played some games, so when we both were hungry for popcorn around 1:30 or so, i made some. at 2:30, he didn’t puke again. so that was it, i thought.

at 5:30, he asked for dinner, and i heated him up an enchilada. i brought it to the table, and he immediately threw up everywhere. oh the poor baby. he was SO HUNGRY, but i wouldn’t let him have any more dinner. he cried all night getting ready for bed. i felt so mean!

wednesday morning he had a little bit more diarrhea, but otherwise was GREAT. he ate o’s, puffins, and an enchilada for breakfast. then half an apple and some bean sausage for lunch. then a nut butter and jam toast with tortilla chips for snack and yogurt. and then 1/4 of an enchilada for dinner.

and then today he is totally fine.


so far, it looks like calum has missed it. whew.


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