one year (FINALLY!!)

dear calum,

oh happy happy day! i cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by! or how late this birthday letter is! but here we are, a full year and then some since you were born. what a journey we’ve all had together these last 12 months.

spring is here

this month you’ve really started to grow some hair. it’s very cute. and mysterious! what color will it be, we wonder.  when you were first born, it was rather dark — especially compared to your brother’s. at first i thought surely it was going to be brown. but now as more and more is coming in, i’m just not sure. when the light hits your hair, it is quite blonde. and yet in the places where you have lots, it’s more brown. so. we’ll see! i think it might end up looking like your uncle trooper’s — a sort of light brown or maybe a dark blonde. and will it be curly or straight, i just don’t know! it seems straight to me, at this point, but i guess we will have to wait and see. i love these small mysteries about getting bigger, wondering what you will grow to be.

busy guy

and what a cutie you are! sometimes when you are sitting in your chair having a snack, i can see in your face the little kid you will be. it takes my breath away, that glimpse of the future you. but mostly you still look just like my chubby baby, and i like that fine, too. and you don’t really look like admiral ackbar anymore, which in the long run, is probably a pretty good thing.

four boys having fun

but speaking of eating, you sure do enjoy it. you will eat just about anything we feed you, unless you have teeth coming in, and then you seem to prefer soft foods, like yogurt and hot cereal. you think bananas are ok, although you mostly don’t like them. you still don’t quite like apples. but you love olives and grapes and crunchies and bread and pancakes and waffles and sweet potatoes and broccoli and grape tomatoes. you like tofu and think seitan is okay. you like macaroni, with and without flavor. eggs aren’t too bad, whole wheat crackers are still delicious. dried mango is fun to chew on, and green beans are sometimes tasty. eggplant is good in soup and lentils and other beans are just fine. you even like hummus like your brother. and sometimes you eat and eat and EAT! everyone else will be finished with dinner and you will still be going. like when your brother was wee, breakfast is not your favorite meal. you tend to nurse enough early in the morning before you awake to not be particularly hungry first thing. but you will almost always eat at least a *little* of something, and then later you might have a snack or two. dinner seems to be your hungriest time of the day — and who can blame you, after being busy all day long, who doesn’t need a tasty treat?

cal and buddy margot

you’ve really started to get into crawling this month with some seriousness. although you still get what.. tired? bored? annoyed? about having to crawl ALL THE WAY from the living room to the kitchen and feel the need to stop halfway to whine and cry and beg someone to pick you up, you’ve really started to get yourself from here to there with regularity. yet you’re still pretty lazy — you’d rather cry when you can’t reach something than go for it yourself. you can pull yourself up on just about any surface you can reach, but if something is too far away, rather than cruise over to it — which you can do, by the way — you’d rather crank until someone else moves it over to you. and even though you’ve been able to roll over from back to front for, what, 8 months now or so? you’d rather lie on your back and complain about being stuck for 20 minutes (no, really, i’m actually not exaggerating here) rather than just ROLLING OVER AND CRAWLING AWAY OMG YOU ARE SO LAZY BABY!!!! still, it does make putting your diaper on pretty easy still, and for that i am grateful. even if i think you are a little bit ridiculous.

the library is so awesome

you do love a bath. i think i’m on to something here, nothing like never bathing your children to get them to be desperate for them. whenever we are in the upstairs bathroom, once you’re attempts to lick the inside of the toilet have been thwarted, the very next thing you do is head for the tub and try to throw yourself in. and then once in, you could stay for ages, splashing and eating the washcloth. and trying to yank your brother’s personal business. which is both hilarious and drives your brother crazy. nevertheless, he loves taking baths with you and hates if i ever try to bathe you without letting him join. and of course, you love to do everything that gus does, so you think it’s pretty wonderful too.


you’ve finally learned how to plop yourself down from cruising, what a relief. this has been such a source of frustration every since you learned how to pull yourself up in the first place. also, it’s nice not to hear that whining, ha!

boston nature center

and even though you’re a tiny little peanut (27 1/2 inches [10th percentile], 17 lbs [not even on the growth chart!]), you’re still growing out of clothes left and right! your cheeks and belly and bum and things are still all so round and lovely.  i have to say, little one, that most folks find your cheeks especially completely irresistible.

look at that!

you love to wave hello — sometimes it’s the very first thing you do upon waking in the morning. first a smile and then a wave  — it looks like the ASL sign for milking  cow, very cute! and you love to wave to folks who come over or who we meet at the  store or on the T. and every night when we say goodnight to papa and gus, you are quite pleased about it. you used to think about it a lot once we’d gone up to bed: nursenursenurse, pull off, wave hi, nursenursenurse, pull off, wave..  it’s the only sign you know so far, but it’s also the very cutest.

smiley guy

so far the fabled separation and stranger anxieties seem to have passed you by. although you prefer to know where mama and papa are, and although if you haven’t seen me for a bit you usually want me to pick you up if you’ve been in the room with not-mamas for awhile, mostly you’re quite content to do your thing and with most anyone, too. such a contented little guy you are!

i like this drum

you still think the pacifer is fun. you like to chew it when your teeth are coming in, or in the car. you think it’s funny when i put it in my mouth — pacifer’s aren’t for mamas! but you aren’t tricked — pacifers aren’t nursings, and you will only suck on a pacifer when you are droozy in the car, or sometimes when it’s just papa at home for bedtime. and that is okay with me, wee one, and easier to wean you off of anyway.

i can do this xylophone

you’ve grown brave of the vacuum (yes!  you are smarter than the cat!), but other loud noises still scare you easily. it’s so cute/sad when you accidentally knock over the wooden race car track and it bangs loudly and your face crumples and you burst into tears.

this one is tricksy

you had a very, very lovely birthday with both sets of grandparents. we had a trip to the boston nature center and then some cake and presents and french fries for dinner. it was cold, but sunny, a very beautiful day; we couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful celebration.

king of birthdays

happy happy birth day, little one. thank you for making this past year so extra beautiful for all of us.

mmm. cake.




One thought on “one year (FINALLY!!)

  1. my nephew, just a month away from the big 1 year mark, is finally waving hello(when he wants to). the wave is very much like the queen of england, or miss america, and sometimes he does this wave while crying(which is hilarious and sad all at once).

    happy 1 year to calum! what a handsome fella.

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