boring mama

it’s been raining here for two days straight (and set to rain for five days more, they say) and we’ve been stuck inside. calum’s sleep schedule is all bungled up from our trip and his teeth and, oh, i don’t know, being a toddler, so we haven’t even been able to pull out the board games or the puzzles because of mr busyfingers.

so this afternoon gus asked me if i’d like to play an imagination game with him.

bubba: but you go first. because my games aren’t good.

mama: well, i don’t think that’s true..

bubba: please, mama

mama: (sigh) ok.. let’s go on an adventure..

bubba: !!!

mama: .. we have a little red bear with a wet bum, so we have to climb a mountain to get a nice fluffy white towel to dry him off..

bubba: ok! and?

mama: and.. then we have to take a cloth for cleaning him across a bridge..

bubba: yes!

mama: .. to a waterfall where we will get it wet and bring it back and clean the bear —

bubba: and what do we have to look out for?

mama: uh, heffalumps?

bubba: and what do they do?

mama: um, they.. chase us —

bubba: and i know what i have! we have to watch out for the LIONS!

mama: oh what will they do?

bubba: they will make us drop things!

mama: oh no!

bubba: ok, let’s go!

so, we crawled up the stairs (mountain) on our hands and knees, got a diaper and an insert, crawled back down, got attacked by some lions and had to jump onto the bridge. i had to hold gus upside down by the legs to get the diaper and insert that the lions knocked out of our hands and then i forgot the wipe so i had to climb back up the mountain and then we walked carefully across the bridge (front hall rug), and then i had to swing gus across the chasm and then jump over myself, and then gus climbed up on the chair and we wet the cloth under the waterfall (bathroom faucet), and then we had to jump back onto the bridge and avoid the lions and then wrestle the bear to the ground.

bubba: ok now can we play a cool imagination game that is not just changing cal’s diaper?

well, i thought it was fun, anyway.


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