13 months

my dearest toddler,

it took you barely two weeks to completely shed the last of your infanthood and then SUDDENLY. BOOM. no more babyface. it’s true, you’re not actually toddling yet, but everything else is there. the rodeo diaper changes, the struggle to carseating, the screwed up naps and bedtimes, the demands to FEED MYSELF DAMNITs. it’s not that i never expected these days to come, i just expected more warning. there really was no transition with you at all. one day you were a sweet, wee babe, then next you had grown and GROWN. my goodness. we are in for a wild ride.

you’ve started drinking water this month. oh you like it so much! we use a cup for you, not a sippy, like we did with gus, and you think this is just great. you love to be IN the water, too, and LOVE baths. you must be the unluckiest fellow ever, as every other baby in the world has to take a bath nightly, and you are lucky if it’s once a week. but you’ll bend over and drink the bath water, too, if a cup’s not available. it’s all the same to you. i’m sort of looking forward to this summer, but fearing it too. i am sure you are going to be all kinds of trouble at the beach/pool/pond.

you’re hair’s starting to come in with enthusiasm this month. and i think it’s going to be blonde! i think you’ll look something like i did as a little one, or perhaps your uncle trooper, or maybe cousin evelyn. all different shades of blonde that will probably go dark again. it doesn’t seem like it is going to be curly, but i guess we’ll see in a few months. still, what fun, to see you with hair.

you learned how to climb the stairs. i was cooking and i hadn’t heard you in awhile, so i went into the living room to check on you. you weren’t there! so i checked the hallway toward the bathroom, no again. and then i happened to look up the stairs — OH! clever bird. now we have to barricade the steps, as you can’t be trusted. i spent the next two weeks teaching you how to go down the stairs backwards, but you still can’t be bothered with all that. fair’s fair, though, i can’t be bothered to put up the baby gate either, so *shrug* what can you do? we just never let you out of our sight, is all!

you haven’t tried to walk yet, and you don’t even like to hold onto to our hands and go (you can, you just don’t want to). but you do cruise. and once you even used once of the stools in the kitchen as a walker until it fell over. you’re getting quite fast at crawling, so i don’t blame your decision not to bother with bipedality just yet. still, trust me when i say the beach will be SO much more fun not on your knees! just think about it, ha!

you’re such a lover. you love to be held and to put your head on our shoulders while we say “aw!”. and then you smile and smile so sweetly. oh snuggler!

you like making noises by popping your hand over your mouth, just like you like to make any noises or music at all. you adore dancing. you’ll shake your head or shoulders or arms or hips or ANYTHING to any kind of tune you make or hear. friends of ours came over for dinner one night and the two of you made up a dance routine — she’d jiggle and you’d jiggle back and you LOVED it.

we’re starting to realize how extensive your receptive language is. when i tell you to sit down in the tub, you know what i am asking — although you frequently choose to ignore the request. you sometimes know when we ask you where your papa or your brother is.  you look and you listen. you might not be able to say much yet, but you certainly know what is going on!

you even have started to make a few friends. you LOVE seeing people, you LOVE to wave and smile and be coy. we have a little buddy we see once a week during gus’ dance gus, and you and have an adorable welcome routine — he pats you on the head while you shove your fingers in his mouth — every time! the last time you even both gave each other huge grins and waved! we don’t see a lot of little pups your size, but it’s nice to see how much you enjoy it when we do.

oh, little one, how fast you are growing! i love you so much, and i am so excited to be on this journey with you! happy, happy 13 months!




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