calum is really into books these days. he likes to pick one up and hold it out and make his “oonh oonh” noise that means “please do this for me” and/or “look at what i did.” he has several he really likes, peekawho?, picture this, doggies, baby animals, farm animals, and brown bear, brown bear, what do you say?, spring is here, the very hungry caterpillar. sometimes he will sit through an entire book, sometimes he likes to just listen to 2-3 pages and then he moves on. “like a teenager with the remote control,” jeremy calls it.

he also really likes to turn the pages himself. this works out just fine, actually, as he likes absolutely NO plot-driven books right now at all — unless you count the hungry caterpillar, which actually i don’t, since he doesn’t like to listen to that one so much as flip around the book looking at all the gorgeous illustrations. oh and i guess spring is here is sort of plot-driven, for a kid’s book, but unless you are a real stickler about the order of the seasons, you really can read that one in any order too. sometimes i insist he wait to turn the page until i’ve finished reading it, sometimes i don’t bother. it’s really fun, though, so have him participate like that.

he also likes to point to pictures on the page and have you say what it is. it’s so fascinating to me what actually draws his focus, as a lot of kid’s picture books tend to exaggerate or emphasize one or two main concepts that they want the kids to get on each page. cal is often looking at something entirely different.

but the best part about cal being into reading is when gus reads to him. then i just about lose my mind with all the cuteness.


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