sunny day

we finally got some much needed sunshine this week. whew. we’ve been out every morning and every afternoon and it’s been SO nice. today we even got out the water table. er, water table-ish, anyway (a clear plastic catering bin). gus wanted to get out the dragon pool too, but we didn’t think of it early enough, and the water from the hose would have been too cold. so the kids put on their suits, but didn’t get to quite “swim” just yet. still, it was nice to have water play outside in the sunshine. cal and gus both loved it and i did too.

our friends claire and serious benjamin came over. serious benjamin loved the water too — and also the slide. he’s such a mover that little one! cal likes the slide, but you have to do most of the work for him. serious benjamin on the other hand, he can do it all himself. it’s very impressive.

since playing in the water is such hard work, after awhile i brought out some pretzels and crunchies for the babies (and gus). they ate them normally at first, and then started dunking them in the water and then eating them. that was actually really gross. even cal and serious benjamin started spitting out the really soggy ones after awhile. oh, babies.

then it was time for a bath and bedtime — for cal. and bath and dinner for gus. cal didn’t nap today, the stinker, so he passed out, naked, on my shoulder while i was chatting with a friend before i even had a chance to get him any dinner. poor silly guy.

and now gus and i are watching curious george while cal is asleep and papa is at a fundraiser.

we spent some really nice time with other friends earlier this week, and we’ll see some more friends for a wonderful outside visit tomorrow.

ah, spring. please don’t tease me anymore, i’m so glad you’re finally here!!


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