14 months

dear cpt busypants,

what is going on? please hold still! just for a few minutes! okay, a minute! a few seconds? COME BACK!

you have places to go, things to do, people to see. you can’t be bothered to sit long enough to eat, or be cleaned, or dressed. it’s annoying when i’m trying to get your bum clean or wrapped, but otherwise it’s pretty amazing to see you in action. you are always look, turning, dumping, stacking, doing.

you love stacking rings and  you love your sorting cube. you sit and study and work on them for ages and ages. i called auntie m to tell her that you are a genius!!! but she told me all babies your age do those things. well, your brother never did, so it’s pretty amazing for us to watch. you are always so proud of yourself when you stack or sort something, too, and will clap between every well placed ring or block. it’s very adorable.

you’ve defeated the stair blockade we put up for you. although you sometimes get stuck half in and half out (this makes you QUITE angry, by the way), you pretty much can go up the stairs any time you please. really, all we need to do is buy a baby gate big enough for the door way, but honestly, i can’t be bothered. they are expensive and a pain. so we just keep scooping you off the stairway when you escape. this does not please you one bit, but you mom is lazy, so you’ll just have to get over it i’m afraid.

you still love reading. sometimes you will drag books across the floor to a potential reader. it’s a sight to see, what with you still crawling and the books being so big for your little hands. but you are very happy when you get the book to someone and we sit and read for a minute. you still have the same favorites, and you still have the same 4-5 page attention span, but we love reading to you so much that we don’t care.

you don’t have any more words yet, but you get your point across. you have a sort of “eenh” sound you make that means “give me that” or “take me there” and all variations of the same. you can blow a kiss, sort of, by placing your hand on your mouth and then waving. you almost only do it with grandparents on the computer, but that’s the most important time anyway, so we’re not complaining. you know what sound a cat makes (eeeeeow! in a very tiny cute voice), and while you don’t always make it when we ask you what a kitty says, you almost always make it when you are reading a book about cats and sometimes when you see foucault, too. you know a doggie says “bow-wow-wow-wow” (aowaowaow! ina guttural sort of voice) and you can make a sort of car noise voice, too, when we are playing with toy cars.

you’ve become a real nursing toddler. especially when you are sleepy, you seem to need to contort yourself into craziness before you can wind down to sleepy time. your favorite position is the same as gus’ was — with your outside leg propped straight up in the air. but you also will crawl over my belly and plop your face right down to nurse if i am still being lazy when we wake up in the morning. it drives me a little bit crazy this nursing jungle gym stage, but i kind of love it too. silly nursing goose. and you even — sort of — have created your own sign for nursing. you come to me and pat my chest while looking up into my face. once you even declared emphatically “nu! nu! nu!” while patting me.

you love doing small things with your hands. you played with a shape sorter at an experiment this month and you LOVED it. they had long narrow rectangular blocks that would fit in any slot, and you cheered for yourself after every successful sorting. so we pulled gus’ old sorter out at home and you LOVE it. you love the stacking rings, too, and clap for yourself after every ring you successfully stack. you are your own biggest fan. it’s so amazing to watch you do these things. gus was a gross motor skill guy and never had time for all these fine motor skill things that you do. i love the looks of concentration and then satisfaction on your face as you work. we even got a few big chunky puzzles for you, and you are very interested. they are just a little too difficult — and thus not as rewarding — to you yet. the lacing cheese that your nana got you for your 1st birthday, though, has suddenly begun to appeal to you, and you enjoy working on that, too.

our monitor is not working very well, and because of it’s failure, we discovered you can climb out of our bed on your own. you don’t do it unless we are all there in the morning with you or if we, argh, didn’t hear you over the monitor. otherwise you prefer (surprise, surprise, my sweet lazybones) mama or papa picking you up.

you can stand for a few seconds and then squat. i think this is amazing and you don’t care even a whit about it. soon you can walk! if you want to. so. well, we’re not holding our breaths is all i am going to say about that!

you don’t really have many english words or signs, although you DO shake your head for now (and not always because it’s just fun to get dizzy). you know kitties say meow and you sometimes growl “ow-ow-ow” for dogs. you know toys cars make a sort of vrrroming noise as they drive all over your arms, legs, and head, but you like it best when i do that, not you.

and while we’re here — happy 15 months too! goodness these letters get later and later! work has me so busy this days! and i am not even at home to post pictures yet (hopefully they will come in a few days). but it’s been another wonderful month with you, my busy little love. happy 14 months!




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