15 months

my dear sweet babe,

happy belated 15 months! you’ve been busy (as usual!). let’s get right to it:

your took your very first steps! weirdly, once again they were in pennsylvania. which means your papa missed them. again. although this time i did too, so that made him feel a little better. you stopped and dropped as soon as you realized what you were doing, but you did it. and that’s so cool! and you can stand for a few seconds on your own, too, which is very exciting, and you’ve suddenly developed an interest in walking holding onto my or papa’s fingers. you are getting close to walking, little bird!!

summer in the city

speaking of pennsylvania, we took you in the pool and  you were not impressed. you LOVE the water — at idlewild you spent AGES in the kiddie area of the soak zone playing with the sprinklers. and you still love baths. and the dragon pool we will have from auntie m and uncle t. but i think you didn’t like having to be held in the water and not being able to touch the bottom. you would go in the pool, but you didn’t like to stay very long.

you have started to meow at cats when you see them — when you are reading a book about cats, when you see foucault at the window, when you see a leopard at the zoo. sometimes even if you just hear a cat meowing, you meow back. it is, of course, totally adorable.

and although you haven’t started walking yet, this does not mean you are sedentary by anyone’s definition. although you still prefer to sit and wave your arms and command your minions to do your dirty work for you, you can real zoom when you want to go. it’s hilarious to watch — you put your head down and you’re off. like, for example, when papa is loading or unloading the dishwasher. and then you are like a tiny four-legged little rocket, intent on wreaking havoc on our poor kitchen appliances. and then you wail and look at me indignantly, like, lady, did you see what mean old papa did to me? what are you going to do about? sadly for you, i am on papa’s side for this one for sure.

hoarding chess pieces

you’re pretty decent at the stairs too. we try not to let you go up and down them unattended, but even so, you do quite well, and since they aren’t blocked anymore, you can go up them pretty much any time you please, so you don’t spend ALL day on them anymore. and that is nice too.

your sleep is a total mess right now. i’ve started to have to have you in the wrap or in the car for nap time or you won’t fall asleep until very late — and then you won’t go to bed until very late, either. it’s crazy making. you got back on schedule when we were in pennsylvania (wha?), and so i was so excited that things were going to calm back down when we got home. oh but no. and you used to need me to take you to bed to fall asleep — none of this nursing on the couch business. now you are the opposite. going to bed before you are asleep winds you right up. i have to nurse you to sleep on the couch after gus and papa go up to bed, and THEN i can take you upstairs. crazy guy! so you fall asleep around 7:30 and get up around 7:15. that’s not so bad. for a few weeks  you were getting up between 5:15 and 5:45. that was terrible. don’t EVER do that again.

you LOVE trying new foods

summertime has been good to you. you LOVE going outside. LOVE. IT. it makes you so very sad when someone opens the back door for some reason but NOT for going out. it’s SUCH a pleasure to take you into the backyard — you LOVE the slide. you LOVE the sandbox. you LOVE the pool. you LOVE rolling the ball around. oh you are just so much fun outside! you could spend your whole day out there!

you also, very much like your brother, love fellas. you have such a wonderful time with grandpa this last visit, always getting so excited when you saw him. you heard me say “there’s pappy!” when pappy came to visit and you wiggled right down and crawled right over to the car, too impatient for him even to get out. you would demand that uncle troop (as gus has renamed uncle trooper) hold you and NOT let aunt cheley pick you up if troop was in the room. it’s very, very cute to see how much you love your grandfathers and your uncles!

you learned about kissing this month. papa gives us kisses goodbye in the morning and gus gives us kisses goodnight in the evening and one day you just decided you needed to give kisses too. and you are such the lover! one kiss will never do, it’s usually 4 or 5 or 6 in a row at least. it’s BEAUTIFUL. and you sometimes blow kisses too — splay your fingers and put your whole hand over your mouth, it’s so very sweet.

cpt busypants is serious about nap time

sometimes you wake us up by napping on our noses. NOSE! you know where to find our noses, although you don’t have any words for it. i THINK you know where your own nose is, but it’s so hard to say.

for awhile i wasn’t sure if you knew your own name, so completely do you ignore when i am trying to get your attention. but then one day i couldn’t find you and i called up the stairs to see if you were up there and you giggled guiltily. you stinker!

you are 29 1/2 inches long, 18 lbs 8 oz heavy, with a healthy 47 cm head. that’s 0% for weight, 10% or so for height, and normal for your noggin. our new (wonderful) pediatrician would like you to try to gain a *little* weight, and so we are giving you some avocado and banana smoothies and treats but in general he’s not worried. you are a busy guy! you have things to do! and you are so happy and healthy! despite your low weight, you still have lovely big cheeks and chubby little thighs. yum!

you traumatized those poor dumb birds

happy summer sweet baby boy!

much love,



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