16 months

dear tiny little stinker,

oh you toddler goose you! thank goodness you’re cute! you’re so much trouble these days. mess making. sand throwing. mama biting. brother pushing. and you laugh — laugh! — when you get disciplined. all this time i was enjoying have one kid and one baby but guess what? you are making me work, now! you don’t walk yet but i’m still chasing you all over the place, keeping you out of mischief.

speaking of walking — you’re getting there, slowly but steadily. you have taken 1-2 steps multiple times, now, on purpose. and you’ve started to walk using only one of our hands to mobilize instead of two. you may be walking before your 16th birthday yet. interestingly, instead of focusing on walking, you’ve suddenly realized the world is full of interesting things for climbing. it’s very funny (and very cute) to see you at the playground, climbing up slides and climbing walls and all over play structures like a big kid — and then crawling to the next piece of equipment! it makes taking you to the playground so much fun, though. you love all the challenges and it’s a delight to see you overcome them.

we took you to the zoo the other day and you’re really starting to notice all the animals! you meowed at almost every one. so either you think everything is a big cat or we need to teach you some more animal sounds. but just as it was with your big brother, it’s so much fun getting to see our boring old zoo with your wondering eyes.

the sad news from this month is that you are cutting several teeth. you don’t mess around during tooth time, little dude. it seems like both of your second incisors on the bottom are coming in (to match your tops ones, finally?) as well as an undetermined number of molars. poor kid. it’s efficient, but probably not so advisable to try to get them all over at once.

this past month has been a rather one warm — much to your and my delight — and with it we have spent a lot of time in the water. interestingly, you seem to really enjoy the sprinklers (unlike your big brother). you don’t necessary always love to be sprayed by them, but you DO love to play with water in all its forms and so you really love going to sprinkler parks and finding ways to play.  it’s really fun. except for when you drag me in with you, and then stop us right over a fountain that isn’t on yet and THEN! i’ve shrieked rather loudly on more than one occasion, much to the great amusement of everyone else. but what else are supposed to do on a hot day i suppose? you don’t, on the other hand, like the pool very much. my guess is that it is because you can’t touch the bottom and you don’t like not being in control of your movement and interaction with the water — someone has to carry you. and you don’t like being danced around in the water (although you don’t mind being dunked under with a 1-2-3 count and a face blow) — again, maybe it’s too scary to be in water that deep. but the beach is great — you love the waves crashing on you and you love being able to crawl in and out of the water. not to mention that it’s the only place where i’ll let you throw sand.

still no words, but it turns out all this time you have known how to say more, you’ve just never wanted something badly enough to use it. the other day we were eating coconut ice cream sandwiches, and when you finished yours i asked and signed whether you would like some more (like i always do). and lo and behold, a frantic YES YES MORE MORE MORE hand waggling ensued like i never did see. i suspect that many of our skillz are being held in reserve thusly, until they absolutely must be pulled out. you stinker.

and speaking of your stinkerness (!), you’ve started to open the dishwasher. and the stove! i’ve had to take all the knobs off the stove to keep you from burning the house down. we tried locking the dishwasher to keep you from opening it and crawling inside — so you just turn it on instead! thank goodness we can go outside when you start getting into trouble. this winter is going to keep me on my toes for sure!

and finally, finally, big kid, you’ve outgrown your bucket seat. it was a bittersweet moment when we put you in the big kid seat. i like pretending you are still my tiny sweet baby (and you seem to like to oblige, what with your tiny size and no talking and no walking), but then something like THIS will happen. you’re still sneakily growing every day, just like your brother, and i don’t like it ONE bit. although you DO look pretty darn cute sitting in there like a grownup.

oh my sweet babe. we love you SO much. what a wonderful little guy you are, even with all your stinkerness. happy 16 months, sweet boy.




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