17 months

dearest captain honeypants,

oh how i love you little boy! what a kid you are growing into! you’re so busy! and grown up! when did that happen? how did you start to give up your babyness without us noticing? you are a little stinker, did you know that?

ice cream with benjamin

you’re starting to get sassy! one afternoon i was telling you not to throw sand. you LOVE the sandbox, but lately you’ve been having a hard time not throwing sand while you’re in there. when that happens, if i can’t distract you from throwing, i give you two warnings and then i put the lid on the box. so this particular afternoon i told you “no throw sand.” and you smiled and threw sand again. and so i said, “no throw sand. if you throw sand again, mama will put the lid on the sandbox.” so you smiled, threw the sand again, AND THEN POINTED TO THE LID OF THE SANDBOX! STINKER!

mama’s stinky boys

it’s been a tough month too, though. for some reason you decided to grow all four 1 yr molars at once. plus your two bottom canines. you crazy baby! that means you and i haven’t slept in a month either. oy. on the other hand, at least you should be getting a tooth break soon, my poor sweet guy!


you’ve also not been sleeping because you’ve been so busy working on another project — taking steps! oh we are getting SO CLOSE to walking now, bubba! i thought for sure you would be walking officially by the end of this month but *not* *quite*. oh little stinker, you really could do it if you wanted to, i think! but some part of you is just not ready. is it the lazy part, i wonder? πŸ™‚ but you started out this month taking 4-5 steps at a time! so exciting! and have ended with proudly taking 10-12! so happily! we all love to cheer and gus DESPERATELY wants you to walk to him! walk to him! you are working on things, for sure. i think you will be a for real walker soon πŸ™‚ just in time to wear your size 6-9 month shoes. whew. (yes you’ve finally outgrown your size 0-6 months shoes!) and you may not be walking yet, but that doesn’t stop you for climbing everything you can get your hands on at the playground. i don’t know how you can’t walk but you can top a climbing wall! but we all have our druthers, i guess.

birthdays, what can you do?

you got sick TWICE this month, poor little guy! nothing too exciting, just a fever here and there, but that’s never fun for anyone. you just got lots of extra snuggles and naps and then were fine within a day or two. it’s always so nice when you are feeling yourself again.

strollin with pops in virginia

you are still quite excited to bow-wow-wow at dogs and to make toy cars go vrrrrroom! and to meow at the cat. no other big words, but you seem to get your point across with pointing and cranking. which let’s be honest, is not so delightful. i wouldn’t mind if you wanted to get another word or two soon, i have to admit πŸ™‚

brotherly love

you seem to really like sports! you LOVE basketball. you know the ball goes into the hoop and more than anything you’d like to be able to put it in there. you watch everything gus does, especially with balls, and you are sure you can do it too. i’m so excited to see you on the soccer field in just a few years πŸ™‚

caldorable ii

and oy, how did i forget to mention this before? we have all the knobs off the stove these days, the toilet paper off the roll, and spent a significant portion of our day turning the dishwasher back off. all this and you can’t even walk yet! i honestly dont’ even want to think about what kind of business you will be getting into once you’re bipedal. little busy stinker!

working on it

you are loving food again, now that your teeth are mostly in. you like bananas and grapes — exciting, because gus was never much of a fruit guy (still isn’t, really) — but not much green. you eat tofu or tempeh or seitan. you eat some carrots and potatoes. it all depends on how hungry you are when we sit down to eat together, but it’s been really nice to have you sit and eat with us on the porch. you’re something of a terror at restaurants without buffets, but that’s par for the course for this age anyway, so you get a free pass for now. and since gus light sabered our tv, we’re too broke to go out to eat this month anyway.

nap skipper

oh little one, so much love! happy 17 months, baby!





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