18 months

dear lover,

happy 19 months! aaah hahahahaha!!! sorry, this is the latest i have ever been, eh? sigh. i’m so sorry baby! what a crazy life we have these days.

you LOVE to read and are always bringing us books to read to you

but a good crazy. look at you: WALKING! you’ve been working and working and working on this business for the past three months, but this month you finally nailed it. you still crawl quite a bit, but every day you walk more and more, and it’s so very cute. sometimes when i am cooking, you come marching into the kitchen, wave your arms around while you cruise the perimeter and march right back out again, the biggest, proudest grin ever on your face. and you should be proud, my little friend, it’s quite an accomplishment you’ve achieved after all your hard work.

you love to hold a finger while we walk together

you’ve developed some other less appealing skills: your arm and aim have improved so much that you actually dinged our car door with a rock that you threw from the porch one afternoon. you managed to peg a lady mallard duck at the pond not once but FOUR times while we were skipping stones one day (why the duck never moved is beyond me). you enjoy taking all the books off the bookshelf at the top of the stairs and throw them all down the stairwell (your big brother LOVES when you play this game too. he knows better not to do it himself, so instead he just points out which ones you should throw). you’ve also started filling the toilet up with any and all available toys when anyone is foolish enough to leave it open. oh we definitely have a busy toddler in the house!

apple picking!

you’ve finally started to nap regularly again — after a 6 month descent into sleep craziness. and now that you are walking, you’re sleeping better at night too. although i am sure the 4 (!) molars and 4 (!) canines you grew this month had a hand in your sleep misery as well. in any event, it’s very nice to have you resting more easily these days.

what do you mean i’m too little for ev’s tricycle?

you’ve started doing some silly word games — you do this funny sound with your tongue.. it’s something like “beetle-beetle-beetle”. and even though that sound is not right, if we say beetle-beetle-beetle to you, you’ll delightedly make your sound back. your grandpa taught you to say uh-oh (you say “ah-ooh”), which you also love to say, although you actually don’t know that it means “uh-oh”. you are picking up more signs “hot”, “more”, “all done”, and “up.” you’ll make the sign for water if i show it to you first — but i think you just do it because you’re annoyed with me and just want me to give you a drink, not necessarily because you know what it means.

penguin peepers

you love to eat yogurt, and still enjoy trying new foods — when your teeth aren’t coming in (and then you just like to nurse and nurse and nurse!). and you’ve finally gotten fat — 3rd percentile for weight you little chubster! that puts you at 20 lbs 4 oz and 30 3/4 inches. you are even wearing 18 month clothes — not too shabby, little 18 month old.

you LOVE basketball

i sure do love you, little fellow! happy (belated!) year and a half!





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