19 months

Dearest little one,

Bigger and bigger you are! Still walking like a sailor who’s been drunk, riding a horse on the back of a ship in the middle of a storm for a week, but getting sturdier and sturdier on your feet. You love swinging on the swings, sliding on the slides, and running around on the playground (well, you don’t really run all that much yet, but you do like to get around). It’s such a pleasure seeing you checking out the world around you.

fall foliage

you seem to have more of a sweet tooth than your brother and papa, you like fruit in general (raisins, dried blueberries, apples, bananas), and you LOVE sweets and candies. you love m&m’s like your big brother, lollipops, and you can eat an entire cupcake by yourself (while gus still only just eats the icing).

nap time

you’ve started to form a tiny little bit of attachment to certain toys. there’s this school bus that we got for gus when he was 2 or so that you really love. you spent a whole day carrying it around with you, which was  very cute. and although you haven’t paid it that much mind since, if someone else is over and picks it up, you get a little antsy about it. your brother never had any major attachments to any toys (except his cats, and then only at bedtime, some times), so even this day long love affair was new and exciting for your boring old parents.


you’re starting to enter that “do it myself” age. you flap your hand and  crank if someone tries to help you do something you feel you can do just fine thank you very  much. like when nana tried to show you how to use her camera, you were QUITE annoyed with her attempts to show you how to use the buttons. or when you walk down the stairs using the railing, which by the way, is too high for you so you use the hooks that attach it to the wall and ohmygod it gives me a heart attack every time you swing from one to the next. you still like to hold hands when we walk places, though, and so i appreciate that you still let us pretend that you need us for SOMETHING anymore.

snack eater

you still don’t have many words, but you’ve picked up a few more signs. you say more much more frequently, and will sign for water to confirm, yes, idiot, i’m pretty sure i just made it clear i want a drink of water but i’ll play your stupid hand game if it makes you happy.

plane lover

you have a total mullet. it’s ridiculous/adorable. of course your papa is freaking out and wants me to cut your hair, but i just can’t do it yet! you have so little! perhaps when you are two you can look a little less crazy-headed.

with buddy benny

what a happy month, sweet one.




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