20 months

dear (honey) bear,

what a busy bear you have been! so much to see, so much to do, always.

you’ve decided you like to eat apples this month — you want to bite your own bites out of whole apples. or eat slices with gus in the car. or use apples to scoop up peanut butter. it’s a good sign — all those nasty incisors coming in have finally broken through your gums, so your poor little mouth must be feeling a little better. i feel like i am just getting used to you having teeth, and now you’re nearly finished with all the big ones — only your 2 yr molars left (well, for now, anyway).

uncle birdlegs was trying to get HIS shoes on and you backed right up into his lap and handed him your shoes, all, put these shoes on ME, uncle!

you’ve really gotten into gus’ stuffed cats. gus loves bella cat and silver cat. you love ALL the cats. as is, thank you for trading me teeny tiny cat for bella cat big brother. also, please give bella cat back now. and silver cat and fluffy cat and golden cat now too please. just kidding. for some reason, no one ever wants fluffy cat. this drives gus crazy, but mama and papa think it’s very cute.

you’re into trains and planes all of a sudden. you are constantly searching the sky for planes or are dragging me over to the fence over the orange line to watch the trains go by. you came to this a little later than gus did (and he was late to it compared to his buddies), so for a time i wondered if you were going to escape this toddler bug. not so. i had forgotten how much fun it is to watch the trains, though, and the look of delight on your face each time is, of course, quite priceless.

we got our first snow of the season this month. you were quite intrigued by all that crazy white stuff.

you’re walking less drunkenly and with more confidence, although you still often prefer to hold a hand or two. you’re quite the climber when you have a mind. one afternoon i wasn’t watching you very closely — you were playing around a chain ladder so i wasn’t paying too much attention. i happened to look up, though, and you were 3/4 the way up! oh! i didn’t know you could DO that! you’re also quite bold about going down very steep slides. you are such a brave little stinker!

you seem to be more into babbling than you were a few weeks ago, as if you have suddenly decided that being noisy is fun after all. you’ve started saying amamama for me and abababa for papa, although like gus, you often call papa amama too. you use the sign for water more often, and have become quite versatile with the “more” sign, using it as a general action verb. or, like the other night, to mean “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT EATING THAT PECAN PIE WITHOUT ME ABABA!” you also have a way with pointing. you use it to say “hey you! i see you! good morning” or “sit right here and play with me” and, of course, “i want that!” it will be great when you start using more words, but watching you sign to get your point across is so very cute, and i will miss it for sure.

how are you big enough to wear these pj’s already??

you love playing with your big brother — light sabers, blocks, wrestling. you love to play zombie tag with us (everyone stumbles around the backyard mumbling “brains! brains” and then tackles each other). since you can growl and tackle, you feel very proud to be able to fully participate. you’re particularly interested in your brother’s playmobil toys. they are perhaps your very favorite thing to play with at the moment, when you are not painting with dot paints or glitter glue or drawing with chalk, that is.

you’re quite the helpful little bear. you enjoy putting dishes in the dishwasher (and you get quite miffed if someone tries to put a plate away without offering you the task first!), taking off your own shoes and putting them in the closet, collecting garbage at the playground and throwing it away. you’ll help put toys away, help put clothes away, help brush your teeth, and help brush my hair. it’s so very adorable that your papa and i can hardly stand it.

you point to the cabinet, then you sign “more” (one finger tapping into the open palm of the other hand). then you point to yourself if i’m STILL not getting the fact that you WANT MOAR VEGGIE BOOTIE DAMNIT 

you also are quite the lover. if gus gets hurt, you rush over to kiss him. if you hit once of us and we say “ouch!” or “no hit!” you immediately stop hitting and use gentle hands and give the victim a kiss. it doesn’t stop you from hitting in the first place, but it’s pretty sweet. i’m curious to see how this pans out in a few more years, but for now it’s quite a lovely little habit you have, little one.

oh fella! a warm halloween and a warm thanksgiving this month! and more holidays to come! we are so looking forward to spending the rest of your second holiday season with you!




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