21 months


dear baby bear,

you now hate brushing your teeth. or rather, you now figured out that mama always needs to take a turn every time and i think THAT is the part you really hate. you still love eating off all the toothpaste and you love walking around chewing on the bristles. your gums have been bleeding this month and i am no longer sure if you have teeth breaking through or if there is something else going on. i hope it’s just the former, poor baby.

sunshine pancakes are delicious!

you’re more stubborn about feeding yourself these days. honestly this is fine by me, although, of course, it makes things considerably messier. still, you are quite a big eater when you are in the mood, and there really is nothing cuter or more satisfying than watching you eat.

can i open this package?

i keep forgetting to post this — but another super adorable thing you do is that you gasp (!) when you are surprised. it seems like such an older person thing to do, and it makes me laugh every time.

holiday tree!

although you are still not the steadiest guy on the block walking-wise, you still love to do  physical things. you still always want to play basketball or to put all the soccer balls into the net and just recently you have become rather bitter about the fact that gus gets to take swim lessons but you do not. there was a swim class for wee babes your age starting on saturdays, but our weekend plans didn’t quite work out and so you haven’t gotten a turn in the water yet after all. it’s a nice change from this summer, though, when you were not particularly pleased to be in the swimming pool, despite the fact that you loved (and still love) taking baths.

solstice swag!

you have about 25 (!) words! although we’d love you to have 50 already (you should have about 50 by about 2), you are right at about 20 months, vocabwise, which is not too shabby at all. a little over half of them are signs and they are pretty cute. some of our favorite things that you say are  “EYAYYAY!” and  “BWOWWOW!” for when you are happy and/or excited about things. you even invented a word for grandma when we visited, which was cute, but also annoying. so you can obviously make up new words when you WANT to, you stubborn little peanut. you also seem to be refusing to pick up any more signs, apparently simply because we want you to. i am getting a baby sign dvd for you to watch to see if the extremely coveted tv can motivate you. considering that you already make yourself pretty well understood with the series or verbal and manual words you’ve already come up with, i am not too surprised that you are not necessarily very interested in anything new we have been trying to teach you.


your second set of winter holidays was quite fun. you enjoyed opening presents, but you didn’t mind leaving them wrapped either. and you seemed to prefer to play with things once they were opened and didn’t feel the need to keep unwrapping. woe unto he who brought an amazon box into the house without letting you peek inside, however. for some reason brown cardboard boxes are where it’s at in your mind for the good times. you got a lot of lovely gifts and just really were sweet and wonderful with all the guests and traveling and visiting.

ornament fund manager

the only thing missing from this last month of 2011 was snow! i thought we might get to play in some winter weather before the new year came, but it does not seem to be. so far this  winter has been rather mild, and i have to admit that i don’t have any complaints about that!

21 months

happy holidays and happy new year, little one!




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