cal’s eval

like everything else, cal is doing this talking thing in his own sweet time. like everything else, he is cutting things rather close to the wire with his “i’ll do it when i’m damn good and ready” attitude. so for fun/real interest, auntie m gave calum a speech evaluation over christmas. considering there was a small, but significant, number of questions/activities that he refused to answer/participate in, the fact that he was evaluated at being right smack in the middle of where a 20 month old should be is pretty excellent (he had just turned 21 months old two days before).

still. it’s a bit frustrating. auntie m suggested we do some baby sign with him, as he is only going to get bigger and smarter and want to talk more soon, and sign language would be an excellent way to help forestall any tantrums resulting from his inability to communicate. well, you would think we were asking him to share his chocolate or something. but no. he stubbornly refused to do any of the signs we asked. he still refuses. he refused to make any of the first syllables/sounds of words that we asked. he still refuses. what a punk!

the thing that is so crazy-making is that we have no idea at all how much he really knows — although it’s clear he understands just about everything. when megan was trying to see if he knew a handful of names for clothes, he completely ignored us for quite some time. i said, “well, i know he knows shoes, and probably socks, but maybe he doesn’t know pants or shirt yet.” a few minutes later he impatiently grabbed a pair of pants and then a shirt and handed them to her at her request. oh.

i have a baby signs dvd on reserve at the library, so perhaps he will be interested in learning signs made my babies on the coveted tv. yes of course i know that *theoretically* i could teach him the signs myself, but i feel like i have already explained how he quite frankly is not remotely interested in learning anything that i am teaching thankyouverymuch.

i think he just started saying ba(ll) yesterday. i was putting his gear on to go out and play in the snow (!) and he wanted to pick up a ping pong ball but couldn’t with his mittens on. ba! he said. sorry, i said. we are going outside. he tugged on his mittens. ba! he insisted. ba, ba, BA! and then he pulled his mitten all the way off and picked up the ball.


what am i going to do with this guy?


2 thoughts on “cal’s eval

  1. my nephew Cohen is about 18 months and still refuses to talk. Over xmas break, I felt bad for the little guy, not being able to verbally communicate what he wanted or what was troubling him when he was upset. He uses a few signs, especially the sign for “more.” He also knows exactly what everyone is talking about too, so in a way it’s almost like he’s being a smart ass about the whole thing. My sister tried to get him to say “hi” to me on the phone. He waved instead.

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