cal started brushing his teeth around 19 months or so. we didn’t bother with gus’ teeth until about 2 1/2, but cal expressed interest, and i thought it is a great thing to encourage. he picked up his own purple sparkly toothbrush and we took turns at night brushing his teeth (cal first, then mama or papa). somewhere around 20 months or so i saw some darkness on one of his bottom molars, and so we started upping the brushing to twice a day. still, i couldn’t get the food off. around 21 months, it seemed like maybe his teeth would bleed when i brushed them — and not because he had a tooth coming in as i originally guessed. we made an appointment for the dentist, and lo and behold, he had not one but four cavities. one on the front tooth, and three on his molars.

oh, it made me feel so very sad. after going over everything we should or could have done, it seems most likely that cal just has bad luck with his baby teeth. he nurses less, eats less junk food, and brushes his teeth more than gus did. but he’s the one with four cavities, poor guy. the only consolation is that it’s not something that jeremy and i did or didn’t do.

cal got an evaluation at a pediatric dental surgeon’s office this morning. our appointment was at 9. they saw us at 9:45. in the meantime, cal got very hungry. i gave him some pretzels. it wasn’t enough. he found some dried strawberries in the bag and wanted them very, very badly please please please mama. i thought if he drank some water afterward his teeth would be fine. oh it was such a mess! they had to brush his teeth and boy was he mad! i felt so dumb. and also annoyed that we had to wait 45 minutes. gus got to watch a lot of sesame street, superwhy, and dinosaur train, though, so he wasn’t too bummed about the wait.

so now we have to get a preop evaluation at his pediatrician’s office on friday afternoon to tell the insurance company that cal is healthy enough for surgery. they are just going to check and make sure he doesn’t have a fever or a cold  and is in general good health. and then, apparently, our insurance usually takes about 3 weeks to give the go-ahead for the surgery. which is ridiculous — how can an evaluation on friday give ANY indication about how snotty calum’s nose will be three weeks from now?

and then once they schedule the surgery, they will have to sedate calum, and then they will do all kinds of business to his mouth — full teeth cleaning, full cavity evaluation, fluoride coat everything, fill the molars, possibly pull the front tooth, seal the last molar. ugh.

which means we will almost definitely put cal’s’ hernia surgery off until he is over 5. which is fine, although it would have been nice to do it when he was small enough not to really know about it. and ugh, which means it’s yet another surgery for us to look forward to. sigh and sigh.

and then on the way home we tried to stop and pick up some birthday toys from calum from another jpmom, but it turns out that i had her number wrong and she ended up not being at home.

and when we got home i couldn’t find my phone for 20 minutes because i had put it in the wrong pocket in the diaper bag.

what a morning. blah.



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