22 months

dear calum,

look at you, mr. steady on his feet! all of a sudden, you look like you might actually have a hang of this ambling thing. you still occasionally like to hold a hand (or a finger) when we are out for a stroll, but you don’t always look like you are about to be knocked over by the next butterfly sneeze, either.

i’m ready for kindergarten, grandma!

you’re still a little take-your-time on the vocabulary.  cutely, you will try a new word out from time to time — but then never, ever utter it ever again. this month, although you usually prefer to call papa “MA!” you said, once, “papa!” just as clearly as your big brother. it was a very adorable surprise — that you of course have not repeated since. in fact, you have a very good act going on about how you never, ever said it at all what are you crazy people talking about? you DO say “yeah” a lot in response to questions, which is almost the cutest thing ever. sometimes if you are REALLY excited about something, though, you’ll just do a happy dance instead, which is actually the cutest thing ever.

i’m sure this night had NOTHING to do with the tooth situation

you’ve started to become slightly more interested in books. you still prefer books with flaps or pictures of animals, but you will occasionally sit through a gossie & gertie or spring is here. you still spend more time pulling books off the shelves at the library than reading them, but i am happy to report that we are little by little making a nerd out of you too, little one.

brother giggles

you’ve settled back into an ok nap schedule again. ah, my crazy napper. what am i going to do with you? it’s pretty  much a tossup about whether you’ll transfer from the car or not. or about what time you’ll go down. the only thing for certain is that you’d like to sleep for 3 hours, at least, whenever possible. bedtime, however, is rather less difficult. occasionally you’ll buck the system and go to bed at some crazy hour, but for the most part, you are ready for bed around 7 or 7:30 and take about 15 minutes or so to fall asleep. not too bad.

can you hear me now?

you went to the dentist this month for your poor, sad teeth. you did quite well, actually — i really do love our pediatric dentist. but you hate getting your teeth brushed three times a day. yuck. and we even floss once too. the flossing is just your two sets of front teeth, so you don’t mind that as much. i can’t wait to just pull them all out and get you dentures.

ringing in the new year with annie & ivan

you continue to be enraptured with basketball. your nana and grandpa got you a basketball hoop for christmas and it is MUCH loved. you love to toss the ball in yourself, but you are just as pleased when other folks do too. maybe you will grow up to be the shortest professional point guard ever?

let’s bake some cookies, mama!

because you had a preop eval for your teeth this month, we have a little weight check — 21 lb 1 oz. not too shabby peanut guy! i was reading that it’s pretty common for kids between 1-2 to gain about 5 lbs in a year, and with two months to go, you are almost there! so while you are still a teeny little super guy, you are at least a very healthy one too!


happy 22 months, baby bear! i can’t believe you are almost two!




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