23 months

dear calum,

what a busy few months! this is my latest monthly letter yet, as today is your 2nd birthday! but you have been napping recklessly and i have had work and we have had little colds here and there that wiped your poor mama out.. so goodness me, i should have written this AGES ago. better late than never, though, right? despite the fact that your napping is a royal mess, you DO often tell me when you are ready for bed (yea), do you want nursings now (yea). it’s pretty damn cute. and for all your lack of words, you really are quite good with saying when you want something. and your “yea” is sooooo cute!

you climbed into gus’ chair and he fed you breakfast

well, let’s see, LAST month (sheesh) you got your first mmr shot — along with gus (whose 5 year letter is overdue too, sigh). you weren’t even brave, you were something even beyond that. creepily unaffected by the shot at all. seriously dude. it was kind of badass but mostly just scary how you were all, oh, did you just give me an intramuscular injection? sorry, i didn’t notice, i was too busy being extremely tough. even gus was a bit embarrassed (although i assured him he didn’t need to be) that he yelped when he got his shot and you didn’t even flinch. i guess it’s cool that it didn’t seem to hurt, but i was seriously unnerved, dude. next time at least blink or something, eh?

we found out that you had to have dental surgery this month. that was a drag. i spent a lot of the month freaking out a little bit. i tried not to think about it too much, but sometimes when you’d wake me up to nurse in the wee hours of the night i’d lie there fretting. i’m so relieved that’s all over now!

the dread pirate no pants

you’ve suddenly become interested in books! with plots! hurrah! you love to plop in someone’s lap and listen to a book or three. and when the book is over, you close it, wave goodbye, and toss it away. um, but not with library books of course. because we’re very respectful with those. mostly. but it’s so fun to read to you — gus love to read you some of his favorite board books too. you can point out animals (and you sometimes oblige with an animal sound or two) and sometimes colors too. just like gus you love gossie and gertie books in particular, and you are starting to get into some sandra boyton books. you love the books we have about cats (amazing cats and the other one from grandma about all the different breeds — although we don’t really read that one, just get really excited to see all the cats). it’s so nice to read books with you, buddy! i’m so glad you’re a nerd too!


in that vein, we also tried to get you excited about baby sign by showing you some baby sign dvds. you were very interested, because what is up — movies and kids! oh yes! but.. only for a few minutes. and then you would sometimes dance to the songs they would sing to teach the signs, but mostly you found the whole shebang rather boring after all. gus was really into them and wanted to watch them all the time, but mostly just because that kid will watch anything (seriously, he once watched a 12 minute long work video with me about a computerized glucose monitoring system JUST to be watching a movie). so it’s too early for signs yet or something. i know, i know, when you are ready you will be ready ZOMG WOMAN STOP WITH THE LANGUAGES ALREADY. so we gave them back. fine.


oh sweet babe, how fast you are growing! i think you had a growth spurt this month, so i am interested to see what your numbers are tomorrow. you are still my wee guy, but you are growing and growing. doing cool things. learning new things. being proud of yourself. you have this extra happy walk that you do when you are proud of yourself, where you bounce your shoulders and flap your arms and take extra high steps. it feels my belly with happy butterflies to watch you do it. your mama is so proud of you too.

23 months!

i can’t believe what a big kid you are growing into! happy almost 2, my love!




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