24 months

my dearest 2 yr old,

happy, happy 2! how did you get so big so fast? weren’t we just hear with your rapidly-kindergarten-approaching brother??!! how are you not a baby anymore at all? we had a good birthday — a “family” party (with local friends-who-are-family) and a friends party (with your mostly co-op buddies). both low key, both wonderful.

you LOVE the marble track

you are silly and fun. you do big kids things, like wash yourself in the tub, insisting that i put soap in your hands so you can scrub yourself. you’re starting to sit for whole books-with-plots, bring more than just the usual pictures-of-farm -animals tomes to us. thank goodness. not that i mind point at pictures of sheep over and over again, but it’s fun to finally enter the world of gossie and gertie (among others).

you dyed your spring eggs pink, teal, and black

you decided to become a dummy. it’s a 2 yr old thing, i guess. you climb things — like ladders 3 times your height — simply because you can. you lean over the sides of things. appear to waffle between deciding to throw yourself down a ledge or off the edge of something and quite frankly i am not certain that you won’t. while you are still my cautious guy, you are starting to be less so. thinking about the consequences less. it’s fun to see you being more brave but also.. scary to see you being so much more stupid. why are 2 yr olds so crazy like that?

you loved hunting for the eggs in our backyard

you had dental surgery this month. ugh. we now brush your teeth before and after every time you nurse. so, once in the morning, once before nap time, once after nap time, and once before bedtime. you hate this and i do too. but it’s the best way that  i know to keep sticky breastmilk from gluing sugary foods to your teeth. and we use toothpaste with xylitol (to kill any lingering strep mutans) and without glycerin (to help allow natural remineralization of your enamel). do these things help your teeth? i honestly don’t know, but i’d like to keep you out of the OR for as long as possible — at least until we have your hernia fixed (poor guy).

and then you ate the better part of three of them

you learned how to say “waffles” and “dora” this month. your speech continues to expand, slowly. so very slowly. but you understand just about everything, so that is good. we’ll have that evaluated soon, just to make sure we are doing right by you, baby. it’s still early yet to worry. you are a take-your-time kind of fella, and that’s just maybe what you are doing. you are learning how to thump your chest with your fist to say “cal’s turn” when you want something. you can say papa and gus and you yell both of those excitedly when you want their attention — particularly when papa comes home from work and you are happy to see him. you sing “appy appy appy” just like gus used to do. it’s so funny how you don’t have that many words but you share this one vocabulary quirk with your brother. you are learning to use the sign for water when you are thirsty.

we played croquet at your birthday party (your 2nd favorite game after ba-ball)

you are 22 lbs — meaning that even though you are a tiny, tiny guy (still 3rd percentile), you gained the average 5 lbs in the past year. and you are getting taller too — 32 1/2 inches (about the 10th percentile). your pediatrician wants you to come back in 6 months to do a weight check. he’s not worried per se, but he wants to make sure you are staying on your tiny little curve. i don’t mind. you enjoy eating and nursing and you are so. very. busy. you aren’t about to start gaining weight any time soon, so i just try to make sure you get lots of fat, and you don’t seem to mind that at all. you eat a lot of yogurt mixed with peanut butter and wheat germ. smoothies with peanut butter and banana. ice cream with peanut butter and coconut milk. nut butter and jam sandwiches. tofu with lots of olive oil. avocado on occasion. plain old nuts for chomping. and still lots and lots of the boob juice.

unlike your brother, you eat more than just the frosting

you had cupcakes and ice cream for your birthday. lots of lovely gifts from friends and family. a nice trip to the boston nature center. you weren’t quite sure what birthday meant, but you liked when we sang you happy birthday. you enjoyed opening your presents and even deigned to wear the birthday crown a little bit.

happy birthday to me!

2 sits well on you, little dreamer.




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