25 months

dear big guy,

goodness your 25th month went by so fast! how is it may already?? we had a busy month — two sets of visitors and papa out of town for 10 days. time flies when life is crazy, i guess!

you enjoyed — and continue to enjoy — having guests. you love running into the guest room and waking up/snuggling visitors, whether it’s grandparents or aunties or uncles or friends-that-are-family. you had a little bit of a rough time with sleeping this month — i think our schedule was too out of whack — but even so, you remain a cheerful guy, even in the midst of schedule madness. i am glad you love visitors so much.

you are still really into babal (basketball). you love to throw it into the hoop in the attic. you love to throw balls into the big next at open gym. you wish SO DESPERATELY that you could throw babals into the regulation size hoops any time we are at a basketball court. you will settle for someone else making a basket. you will groan with dismay if someone misses (which is amazing) and of course you will cheer (yea yea yea!) if the shot is made. you love watching babal on tv with papa and gus. you just LOVE babal. it’s kind of amazing.

you love all kinds of other balls, too. you love to throw them and kick them and bounce them. you even love to play a silly ipad game with pappy’s ipad, where you tap the screen and balls appear. you played it a few of the nights when you wouldn’t go to sleep and i had long since given up trying to make you. you would hold up the ipad every few minutes to show me a screen filled with soccer balls and proudly tell me, “BABAL! BABAL!”

you have made up a new work for planes and helicoptors. it’s sort of like.. gogoggle. except that it’s mostly in your throat. you are really TRYING to get new words, even though i think you just aren’t quite sure how. you get very excited when you hear aircraft, though, and you will look me in the face and point up in the air and then make that crazy guttural noise. yes, i will say, airplane.

you had your intake and your eval this month. the intake said yes, you can be evaluated. the evaluation said no, we will not give you speech services. this is good, ultimately. it says you do not have a significant delay. and so that is GREAT news! but you still have some bit of a delay and so for quite awhile it was rather frustrating trying to figure out what to do. your papa’s insurance doesn’t cover any kind of speech therapy (awesome, thanks cigna!) and you don’t have any other delays (which is good! BUT) that we could secretly hide the therapy under (the freaky way you hear every text message received on the entire playground plus every car alarm in a 10 block radius and every remote door unlock etc for example means you don’t have any hearing issues for example). but we finally found a program that is fairly reasonably priced and not *too* much of a drive and we already met with their SLP and she is great and i think we will just take it from there. whew.

you love to play with your play kitchen. you like to pretend to serve us ice cream. you like to give us cupcakes with candles and then we sing happy birthday and blow the candles out. and if we don’t sing you prompt with an “appy appy appy!” and an encouraging smile. you like to throw down the apple or the pear from uncle adam and watch them explode into four different pieces like fruit grenades. yea, so that is awesome too.

you’re really getting into books. gus got a book from the library about these aliens who moved to neptune to escape from a killer robot (obviously) and you just LOVED it. because there were all these pictures of the planets and as far as you were concerned it was a book babals! babals! babals! this drove gus crazy, as HE knew they were planets. still, it’s fun to see you getting into books, even if it’s (apparently) for all the wrong reasons.

you LOVE going to open gym. partly because of all the babals and partly, i think, for all the running around. we love it too, and it’s so amazing and adorable to see you running around playing with the college kids and wooing everyone with your bring brown eyes. it’s been such a wonderful escape for the winter saturday mornings! we’re so glad we have that option. and now summer starts saturday mornings, so we’re excited/nervous to see how you do there too. the last few times we’ve had the goals open in the backyard you kind of freaked out and wanted gus to put ALL THE BABALS IN THE NETS. ALL THE BABALS. STOP KICKING THE BABALS AND PUT THEM IN THE NET ALL THE BABLES OMG ETC. i may have to distract you with a run around the pond.

anyway, my dear lovely, i hear you waking up upstairs and refusing gus’ cuddles. i’d better go smooch.




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