26 months

dearest tiny hero,

so much news!!! you are getting taller — i had to adjust your carseat you stinker! you are growing out of clothed and shoes!


can you jump as far as a frog?

you are getting bigger — pooping on the potty! sometimes. i mean, if we notice you have to poop we can take you to the potty and you will poop there. it’s so exciting and crazy. how are you getting old enough for this?



you love books. you LOVE booboo. you LOVE gideon & otto. you LOVE roadwork (from nana and grandpa). you LOVE to read! it’s so much fun to sit and read with you. you like to point things out and have us tell you what they are. you love to see cats (meow!), and dogs (DU!), and ducks, (DU!), and birds (dee!)! you will drag books over and pull yourself into a lap and demand to be read to. you love to hear the same book over and over and over (and over!) again. it’s adorable. and tedious. but mostly adorable. i love that you love reading books. even if it’s the same one 15 times in a row.

you LOVE balls. still. you love going to soccer with gus (you tell me, “BA! BA! BA-BA-BA!” when we go past the soccer field on a run). one day i put a red shirt on you so you would match the big kids and then i couldn’t find you! you get right onto the field, kick the balls, do the exercises, clap the claps. you love to kick the ball so much. you will kick it back and forth with anyone who will kick it back to you. another time i lost you because you were over on the baseball field kick the ball around with someone else’s dad ha! the cutest times are when you kick the ball around with your buddy benjamin — also two. i love how much you love balls. you can’t get enough of them.


mother’s day mess maker

we started speech this month. you seem to like it. you were shy at first, but you love the attention your slp (speech language pathologist) gives you. and she seems to sincerely enjoy working with you too. even after your first session, you already started to get more interested in trying out words. it’s so exciting and we are so happy that you seem to enjoy it as well as that it seems to be helping you. you are also doing that extra adorable toddler head nod thing for yes, where you move your whole head all the way up and all the way down. even without many words you are the freakin cutest thing ever.



this month you got a cold — what the heck?? isn’t it spring now??? it screwed your sleep all up and that was terrible. but otherwise you were a cheerful guy as usual. a cheerful no napping, no sleeping at night guy, but cheerful all the same. oh bear. you’re such an easy going fella!


26 month dinosaur viewing

much love, as always,

your mama


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