27 months

dearest baby bird,

what a fun month we had! we went to vermont on vacation at the beginning of the month and we had SUCH a blast. there was a free mini-golf course and we played it every day. and by played it i mean that you carried your ball around and used your club as a walking stick. you LOVED it. you couldn’t get to sleep at nap or bed time until you had told me at least 7 different times about the “BA! BA! BA! ro ro ro (roll roll roll) BA!”. it was so wonderful. i felt so bad bringing you home to our golf course free house. and there was swimming — you liked the pool but you liked the floating basketball hoop even better. (more discussions at sleeping time about balls) and we ran up and down practice ski hills. we ate delicious snacks and went to arcades and played video games and even had to replace the ignition switch on our car and rent another while we waited for the honda to be fixed (yay!). you were great in the car (it was only 4 hours) and great away from home, and generally just a fun guy to have around. going on vacation with you and your brother is so awesome, your papa and i are such lucky folks.


SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE!! we’ve been going to the beach as often as possible and you LOVE it. i made the mistake of telling you one morning that we were going to the beach and for half an hour you shouted “BA! WA-WA! BA! WA-WA! MAAAMAAA BA WA-WA!” and then on the way in the car you fell asleep. when you woke up you shouted “YAY BA! YAY WA-WA! YA BA!” from now on i only tell you we are going to the beach about 5 minutes before we leave.


you love the beach. you love the water. you love the sand. you love to throw the ball into the water and the sand. you love to jump the waves. you love to watch the seagulls. you think the shower rinse is funny. you love escaping in the bathroom around to the changing area and giving me a heart attack. you love hiding around the picnic tables in the snack area and giving me another heart attack. everything with a 2 yr old is so much more exciting! what a fun summer to be two.


you also got your first stomach bug this month. ugh. miserable. you were SO confused and SO mad the first time you threw up. as well as the next five. you (like gus at that age) always tried to hold it in. i always had to coach you to let it out. poor baby. it worried me, like always, but i’m glad you finally threw up, too. i know it sounds kind of weird, but i was a little bit freaked out that neither you nor gus had any pukes all winter long.

27 months

oh, bear, yay summer and yay fun!




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