28 months

dear calum,

what a busy month! we went to grandma and pappy’s house (and saw auntie m and uncle birdlegs and aunts and uncles and cousins!), camping in vermont, and then back to pennsylvania to visit ev and baby liam (and uncle trooper and aunt cheley), nana and grandpa, great-nana and great-grandpa and lots and lots of papa’s cousins and aunts and uncles! you handled all that traveling like a champ!

frisbee in vermont

you’ve been so busy this month! so much talking! you and auntie m worked a lot on your words when we were in pennsylvania. you were so cute and had so much fun doing speech games with your auntie! you like working with your speech therapist and you have been trying so hard with your new sounds and new words. it’s been so much fun watching you picking up new words and really learning to get your thoughts across.

vacation is hard

you’ve also decided that you love the swimming pool and the river and the ocean. really any water will do. last summer it made you nervous to be in any water where you couldn’t touch the bottom, but this summer you have become quite brave. you learned to jump in the pool at grandma and pappy’s, you leaned to swim on your belly in the river while “walking” on your hands, you love jumping the waves in the ocean, and you even love playing in the sprinklers (especially throwing your little beach ball in and out of the water). this hot, hot summer has been so fun with you! gus has been a stinker about the water (until this summer), so i’m so happy to have a fellow water bug to play with for a change 🙂

swimming at the “poo wa-wa”

you got a crazy rash on your testicles this month, so between that and the in and out and in and out and in and out of the water and dry diapers and wet diapers OMG i finally decided FORGET DIAPERS. and in just a few weeks you were off the diapers and on the potty. like your brother, you figured out how not to pee when you were sleeping, so that part was a breeze. it took getting to the potty/holding it a little bit longer, but by the end of this month you had it. it’s still easier to go without pants at home — pulling down your unders and outers is still not so easy for you — but we can go out and about just about anywhere without major worries about accidents as long as we have you pee first and check in from time to time about needing to pee again. i can’t believe i have two KIDS outof diapers now. how quickly you both are growing up!

who needs pants on vacation?

you’re still a wee peanut. i was excited to measure you at grandma and pappy’s house, because you were *just* over the 32 inches gus was on their wall. that is — until i realized gus was 32 inches when he was 18 months old. ah well, you are a cute little peanut anyway 🙂 still you’ve been eating, eating, eating quite a bit lately, so no doubt you will be doing some important growing again soon!

just chillin in mah camp chair, eatin mah breakfast

i love that even though you have only a few words, one of the ones you’ve learned this summer is “i wa-wa” — ice water. you are such a prince! and you learned to say “high!” when in the swing from your friend margot. you are SO delighted that you can ask us to give you a big push. it’s so wonderful to see the excitement and pleasure in your face when you ask for something with a new word and then get it.

stump jumper

ah little bird, what a wonderful summer with you!




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